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ScienceSplat's Videos

This account is firing off really well-made videos by the hour. Every video is storm related. I've been going through a lot of them, highly entertaining. Check them out!

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He’s got the sauce...I’ll say that!

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My theory is its an AI account specifically related to Q. It takes Q related vids from every single corner of the internet. Its a very interesting account and one we oughtta keep an eye on. Could be a person, but i have my doubts

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Wanted to post this. Def a good resource.

Note: Almost all the videos are short clips that can be ripped and then uploaded via Twitter for dissemination (length suitable).

use this video ripper: https://ytmp3.cc/en13/

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Intriguing. Joined in 2009 but no videos before today unless they were purged at some point . . .

Also of interest NOT just about Trump but the Kennedy's as well.

At the end of the first vid I watched there was this:


I get the feeling someone is trying to tell us something . . . LOL