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Hello Fellow Patriots, I help run Addiction Recovery Programs in the Rocky Mountains, where there are huge amounts of Liberals, within the major larger cities.

One is my friend, a fellow group leader who helps facilitates our mtgs. He is also a case worker for the homeless an advocate which they need to help navigate the bureaucracy's paper work for any type of assistance. He was happier than a pig in their own shite when Buy Buy Den rcvd the highest votes ever in US history per the lameb stream media.

We have deep discussions prior to our mtgs about the election, political climate, etc. He is open to having these discussions, when I share about the massive voter fraud he initially said there is no way.

I asked him if he heard what Bezos the Billionaire of Amazon said about his workers wanting to vote for unions.... " Amazon has requested That the national labor relations board reconsider allowing mailing voting, claiming that the mail in voting process has " serious and systematic flaws "

Before Jeff mentioned this I shared a link with Georgia State investigation with Jovan Pulitzer simply sharing his knowledge about pre printed fake ballots. After this video he said, ' I must say that is extremely off and odd' I said, " If Biden actually won by this huge amount if votes never witnessed before in US History, would he not openly accept any and all recounts, certifications to ensure his place in history with the most votes rcvd. Yet, at every instance there has been blockade after blockade. "

He did not reply but he was heavy in thought, finally agreeing with me days later that he should have welcomed any and all recounts to prove that he won legitimately. His words, " Yeah this is not sitting right with me. "

The biggest red pill Morgan was never aware of is how many children the Trump Administration have saved from trafficking over his 1st term. After I shared with him link after link after link with thousands of children being saved from this horrible abuse. That's is when he realized the corruption in the media, state and national levels.

This pissed him off. Because both of us are survivors of child abuse. This is an evil way of life for some who are addicted. This is where we have a deep understanding and loving support for each other though we are opposite sides of the political aisle.

I was abused from 6yrs to 16 yrs old, Morgan a little younger 3yrs to 15yrs old. We both lived on the coasts, myself in California, him in NY. Him and wife are expecting their first baby, a boy in the coming months.

Morgan asked what else has the media hiding during Trump's presidency. I decided to show him how the media is bought, told what to say. Owned by the C I A with Mocking Bird Media. This made him quiet for a week and half. He did not want to talk about it.

Extreme, extreme Cognitive Dissonance was running rampant thru has mind, psyche of truth and honesty that most individuals choose to lived by. Honesty, truth, accountability are the foundation principles of the Recovery Program which we both live by.

Both of were addicts as well. Both numbing out throughout our lives so were did not have "feel" endure those hellish years of abuse. I am within my 21st year of sober living. Morgan has 15yrs.

Neither one of us have ever continued the cycle of abuse that unfortunately some who are abused do.

Though Morgan still identifies as a liberal, he is slowly awakening to the massive amounts of goodness that Pres Trump has done for the nation and world.

We must show Love, compassionate understanding for those who we Love and who are our friends who still slumber thru the Great Awakening.

Morgan is still doing his best to reconcile the Cognitive Dissonance he is learning to un learn. Fully understand what Q means that approx 10% of the populous will not be able to wrap their minds around decades and decades of the D S evil heinous behaviours.

We MUST meet our loved ones where they are at with their limited understanding of the lies, deceit that they have been fed.


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Me too. It was also very illuminating to see the coordinated mainstream media "debunking" of pizz4gate which tried to dismiss it as utterly baseless without mentioning any of the evidence that the researchers had uncovered.

And that ridiculous, obviously staged television interview with James Alefantis where he was fed softball questions to allow him to proclaim his innocence.

ArcaneSlang 4 points ago +4 / -0

His name alone is a red flag. He is a Rothschild and calls himself J’aime les enfants- I love children.

scoripowarrior 2 points ago +2 / -0

Don't you find now that you look at almost everything with a "guarded" eye, looking past the surface?

donanon 2 points ago +2 / -0

Yes. Now I don't believe the majority of the MSM. I just see it as propaganda. This is also what Q has been telling us.

I tend to follow individual content creators I feel I can trust. I like X22 Report (Bitchute), Crossroads with Joshua Philipp (YouTube), Black Conservative Patriot (YouTube).