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He won't concede. He won't leave. He's gonna try to steal it with voter suppression...yadayadayada...

He left. They won (supposedly), now what? The Capitol breach was planned by them. Why? Color Revolutions need violence. He lost, we stayed civilized, they breached the Capitol, we still stayed civilized. He left the WH and we still stayed civilized. Now they impeach, we stay civilized. They threaten drones, re education camps, stealing our children...we stay civilized. They have no plan. They never did. Not for what is happening anyway. They NEED VIOLENCE so they can use it to restructure and demolish America. We won't give it to them. They are surrounded by the military who won't leave. They appear to have won, but they didn't really want to! They wanted Trump to have a hissy fit so they'd have an excuse for their draconian measures. Nope. Nada. Now they have no clue what to do! And imagine not knowing if the military is there to protect you or monitor you and ultimately arrest you..then the paranoia really sets in! Bahahaha! These people are so fucked! Color Revolutions required the loser to NOT leave office and have a hissy fit. Denied! Hysterical!