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Covfefeovertea1776 62 points ago +62 / -0

Jokes on them, we all die regardless of how many wrinkles you have. No hack there, just make sure you are on the narrow path before you go.

I doubt many of them are though.

MikeWho 51 points ago +53 / -2

There is a way to live forever. His name is Jesus, walk with him and you'll live forever

6daysandrest 20 points ago +20 / -0

The first death is mandatory. The second death is optional.

VetforTrump 13 points ago +13 / -0

Unless he comes back while we yet live. The dead in Christ shall rise first. Then, In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye we shall all be changed, we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with him in the air forever to be with the Lord ( in our new bodies.)

6daysandrest 6 points ago +6 / -0

^^^^^ This guy reads his Bible.

How awesomely Berean.

Honeyko 9 points ago +10 / -1

I like the way that Newsweek, once a rival to Time on the news-rack, still pretends that it publishes an actual magazine whereas in reality it has shriveled down to a tiny husk of a website with less than a 100k subscribers.

tenthousandspoons 7 points ago +7 / -0

Think mirror. "Weak News." :)

PepeSee 3 points ago +3 / -0


tenthousandspoons 1 point ago +1 / -0

That's good, too!

OriginalRealityCheck 8 points ago +8 / -0

George Soros must have forgotten to get him sum....

Europa 6 points ago +6 / -0

Maybe he’s 300 years old.

rubmewithbeer 6 points ago +6 / -0

Take the narrow path to be healthy forever!

VulgarProphet 3 points ago +3 / -0

They think they can upload themselves into robots

Sumarongi 3 points ago +3 / -0

because literally have no souls, I see this as a possibility

magpie17 45 points ago +45 / -0

So, basically, they're saying:

The elite have been raping, torturing and killing innocent children to eliminate wrinkles for centuries, but that's really a good thing. Learn how...

BIG_TUNA 11 points ago +11 / -0

Lol! Spot on.

Pollycracker 32 points ago +32 / -0

This normalization campaign too little too late. They've been caught.

DrMcCoy 20 points ago +20 / -0

Trying to normalize ADRENOCHROME, because people are finding out about it.

Nicole333 6 points ago +6 / -0

Yep. I am continually surprised at what is happening though, just when you thought you’d seen it all.

GynaNumbaZero 20 points ago +20 / -0

Weird... If only there was a border crisis or disease that would seperate children from adults, or get rid of the adults, so they could obtain this blood.

Cause it's hard to imagine people dragging their kids to a blood letting center for the sake of these elitist vampires.

BIG_TUNA 16 points ago +16 / -0

The human body dies, it's the way God intended. The soul is everlasting. Stealing blood (and probably many other things) from the young only tarnishes your soul.

ThePopcornTape 16 points ago +16 / -0

It's not the way God intended. It's a side effect of the fall of man.

Rawhyde 10 points ago +10 / -0

Wonder what they are so afraid of ? Losing Power? Control? The next generation? Dying?

SFAM1A 10 points ago +11 / -1

Dying. They worship the world and all it contains, and believe that this is it. It's a terrible existence to live.

Encognegro98ckun2qb 7 points ago +7 / -0

They love the devil but are deathly afraid of hell

DrMcCoy 2 points ago +2 / -0

Some of the Satanists believe if they worship him and commit evil, when they die Satan will give them their own universe to be God in.

Encognegro98ckun2qb 2 points ago +2 / -0

Wow that’s insane. Never knew that.

Rawhyde 4 points ago +5 / -1

And desperate.

VetforTrump 4 points ago +4 / -0

They are truly the enslaved.

Europa 3 points ago +3 / -0

I heard a good sermon online about how [[they]] do not want to die because they don’t want to give up all their degenerate pleasures of this life. They are very well aware of the judgement that awaits them.

I believe Q alluded to this as well...they will fight tooth and nail until the very last breath.

Rawhyde 2 points ago +2 / -0

Perhaps that makes them all the more dangerous.

VetforTrump 7 points ago +7 / -0

Wow, they want to legitimize the use of adrenochrome. Deepstate time magazine

NordicRonin 6 points ago +6 / -0

Degenerate scumbags. Trying to normalize what they are doing in the shadows.

VoatAnon1984 6 points ago +6 / -0

I’m pretty sure they know the answer to that question.

Encognegro98ckun2qb 4 points ago +4 / -0

Yeah for narcissistic boomers who demand people die to preserve their pathetic lives. They ran around touting recklessness in their youth thinking they knew it all and now we all have to suffer.

CNKarateKommando 3 points ago +3 / -0

Look at the comments! This is just a giant ass redpill.

jcab93 3 points ago +3 / -0

You may be able to slow the body aging but you can't do fuck all for the mind! Hollywood: let me know how fun it is to have no wrinkles but not remember your name

Cyphr 1 point ago +1 / -0

Bidet Touché...

pkripper 3 points ago +3 / -0

Our bodies on earth are temoprary...our souls are immortal

Lurking_Waiting 3 points ago +3 / -0

They fail to mention the withdrawal from it. Hope they enjoy the pain.

Bandanna1 3 points ago +3 / -0

To test out his hypothesis, Rando conjoined elderly mice with younger rodents so that they shared the same circulatory system, then tested their ability to heal small wounds.

Yeah fucking really think about how that shit went down.

Bandanna1 4 points ago +4 / -0

And soon Wyss-Coray and his protégé Villeda began receiving many bizarre and at times macabre emails. One chilling missive came from a man who offered to provide all the blood Wyss-Coray might need for such an experiment—he claimed he could obtain it from human children of any age.

And this one

jfunction 2 points ago +2 / -0

All our bodies are manifest and all manifestations are transitory. They all pass.

Same for thoughts, feelings and sensations. They are all transitory.

This is known by everyone.

All of those arise from, and dissipate into, something.

If that something were also transitory, from what would it arise and into what would it dissipate?

Following this, there must be something that neither begins nor ends.

Thus the endless cannot be manifest - cannot be embodied, a thought or a feeling.

Looked for the endless cannot be found. Since it must be here it cannot be avoided.

This is our nature - it is life itself.

barwhack 2 points ago +2 / -0

God gave us death to limit our exposure to the evil we created. There is no escaping the first one.

Lopeover 2 points ago +2 / -0

Good grief! The horror!

Misschelle 2 points ago +2 / -0


DoMagnum 1 point ago +1 / -0

Most people in Silicon Valley are unworthy of even 1 more day of life.

SharpCookie 1 point ago +1 / -0

Silicon Valley had that whole plot line of blood boys, and that was a super mainstream show.

BQnita 1 point ago +1 / -0

BBC ran a story like this few years back.

Anon8675309 1 point ago +1 / -0

They love to show us their plans through movies, magazines, music. They are so fucking cocky. But they also suck at the game. We are awake and can't be fooled.

Phishhed44 1 point ago +1 / -0

“To put that in perspective, Americans’ blood is now worth more than all exported corn or soy products that cover vast areas of the country’s heartland“. Link will open some eyes.


TitoshandmadePatriot 1 point ago +1 / -0

they haven't been hiding it, there's just no reason to be subtle anymore

dmgice 1 point ago +1 / -0

This is why so many sitcoms were sneaking in side jokes about using Young Blood to keep young. (Space Force on Netflix for example.)

It's like how 30 Rock, Parks & Rec, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and the Office had at least one (or more) jokes about "sexy Biden" or "Biden being reliable."

Seriously, it super annoys me because I pay attention to similar jokes.

CMAnon 1 point ago +1 / -0

The left's attempt to normalize adrenochrome, never mind how it's obtained. Let's see how the bastards age in jail, can we?

925TheJOY 1 point ago +1 / -0

Parabiosys is not new. It's actually really cool and as long as the young people want to help then this is a safe and easy way to improve health for older people. It's very expensive because no one is make the machines cheaper. It's a simple process and safe for both parties. Of course, it can be dangerous if not done right.

SongDog 1 point ago +1 / -0

Of course a white woman was featured. RAYCISS.

WeebForTrump 1 point ago +1 / -0

This'll be fun to show to the normies.

AReckoningIsComing 1 point ago +1 / -0

They're "fortifying" ageing.