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A troll by pizzaco, alluding to the fact that their pizza is so good you would chomp it down, box and all

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You do remember when this all started... the McDonald’s hot coffee spill incident. 1994 Stella Liebeck of Albuquerque, NM got almost $700K for spilling her coffee on her lap. Yes, the coffee was “too hot”, hot enough to cause severe burns. Yes, McD’s didn’t behave well when notified of the severity of spilling the coffee onto skin (and it wasn’t the first time this issue was made known to them) and was initially asked only to pay for the hospital/medical bills. They could have shown concern, negotiated a fair settlement and lowered the temperature of their beverage back down to a reasonable level that didn’t cause third-degree burns.

As a result, all coffee vendors started using cups that had a warning on them. What was missing during the entire spectacle was the issue that personal responsibility has to have a prominent place in society. Hot beverages can harm you if you spill them on yourself. You shouldn’t eat food packaging. If you get out of your car in a car wash port you’ll likely get injured by the machinery. Where does it stop? How dumbed-down and/or corrupt does society have to get before we put a halt to this nonsense? Does clown world absolve the individual of all personal responsibility?

The concept is called “Compensation Culture” which is a term used in the legal realm to describe frivolous lawsuits. In layman’s terms it’s getting society as a whole to pay for people’s utter stupidity. I’m a fan of letting natural selection take care of the colossally-stupid. Eat the pizza box and suffer the consequences, but don’t blame Dominos when you end up in the ER. Trust me, I’m all for going after corporations that use a knowingly inferior part in their product that ends up harming or killing people, this after they factor in cost-savings against lawsuits at times. Think of GM with their ignition switches. Hold the SOBs accountable by all means. But this?? (Sorry for the rant, OP. This kind of BS steams me).

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"whenever you see a sign that says don't do something, some asshole went and did it."

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Yeah, someone should have a site just for stupid warning labels... Once I bought a bookmark and the flip side had a warning label.

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I am realistically starting to get worried about our own people... Not because China, Not Russia... Us. Everything is "Aliens" or "Project Bluebeam" or "Holograms" or "Nanobots" or "Graphene-Worms", etc.... Or "Open Box Before Eating Pizza."

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Some warning labels you can only wonder at the story behind it and how someone can be so fucking stupid.