First Indictment Theory... 🤔💭 Theory 😲💡
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I have tossed this idea around for a while now but never gave it deep thought... and After seeing a post on fake news yahoo, things clicked. The post was about how florida officials are bracing for an impending trump indictment in NY...

I laughed at first but then something hit me... What if Trump is the first indictment...

As Q stated... first arrest would trigger mass pop awakening... &, How would you inject evidence into an investigation..

I mean, he has it all right. Just sitting on a treasure trove of declassified docs. Most i am sure are all plucked from the NSA/Space Force

How better to insert evidence, than if you are the target. How better to fuck the deep state into oblivion by letting them think they got you... then you unzip your fly and pull out the trump card.

I dont know... off base maybe... but ....

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I’m trying to piece together the poor decisions and life choices that have led to me lying in bed at ass o’clock clicking on this.