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They uphold Fauci's total BULLSHIT "announcement" that all students MUST WEAR MASKS IN THE FALL IF THEY ARE NOT VACCINATED.

Even if I didn't have kids, this would make my blood boil. They are holding our children's health hostage to force them to wear masks, or to take an experimental vaccine, while they all know they are a super low risk demographic/age.

This is sooooooo far beyond the line. Especially when you pair it with the attempts to push vaccinations on minors without parental consent.

WHY?! It's barely effecting these younger age groups.

Anyway, if this goes into effect after the Summer, I'm going flip the script and demand the full scientific justification from our school district + any surrounding/related districts... followed by a grassroots effort to flip the school boards and force them out. All the way up to the superintendent(s) stepping down; with a looming threat of a lawsuit (legal team already queue'd up for this)

I fucking dare them to say our kids need masks in the fall IF they aren't vaccinated.

Fuck Fauci. He needs to hang.