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My faggot cuck brainwashed stepdad has decided het's getting the jab despite my mum and I trying to convince him not to. We live in Australia so covid is barely a thing over here, so it's pretty much just a massive "FUCK YOU" to us for being crazy conspiracy theorists. I said there's no way Biden could become president because it isn't possible to just steal a US election (lol), so now he disregards everything I say about anything. Do I continue to try to talk him out of it or do I just let the cunt die? I fucking hate the guy and I know my mum does too. Tbh If he died it would solve a lot of problems + would help me big time financially. Don't really know what I'm after here just kinda wanted to vent. If I let this bloke take the vax and he dies am I going to go to hell?

If you've got any informative and easily digestible anti-vax content for smooth-brain normies that would be great.. in case i decide to save this retard.

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have to move on to try and help another sheep wake up if they dont then move too the next one and try