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Yes sir he was systematically murdering people.

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My guess is the vaccines couldn't get emergency use authorization if alternate effective treatments were available, so when Trump immediately floated the idea of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment, the swamp piled on saying it's dangerous, deadly and doesn't work, essentially digging their own graves when it is eventually revealed that it does work effectively and the emergency vaccines were not needed.

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you got it boss, that's all we need from these emails, that is their Achilles Heel

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And shat them out into the mud to be eaten by maggots and the maggots turn to Flys and get eat by more birds and bats and shit out again. Then I'll forgive.

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The newly released email was part of the collection obtained by BuzzFeed News via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). They also report that Fauci declined to comment on the story that was contained in the email.

These emails are a controlled coverup by the globalists. If they can sweep this whole thing under the rug by sacrificing Fauci, that is a small price to pay by them. Fauci's run is over anyways so his sacrifice is small.

He should still swing though, just not by himself.

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Sacrifice Fauci, protect the cabal.

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What part of we have it all do you not understand?

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Is this really the question at this point? Of course we have it all. And the entire system laughs. Sorry. Frustrated today.

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either they all laugh and we lose or they confirm further action...stand by patriot.

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The biggest mass murderer in the history of our world. 1980s Aids through all swine flu ...Zika ...Ebola ...H1n1 ..others I don't remember til now CV19 PATENTED BIOWEAPON

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Fauci's NIH said::


The Virology Journal - the official publication of Dr. Fauci’s National Institutes of Health - published what is now a blockbuster article on August 22, 2005, under the heading

get ready for this - “Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread.”

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I just popped over to my sockpuppet twitter and sadly the covidiots are out in droves defending this horrible gremlin. I know most of them are fake and gay but the 4-6% lost forever are being boosted. I had to leave before my blood pressure spiked.

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The "medical professionals" on r/medicine are saying that the right-wing extremists are cherry picking and taking things out of context and that Fauci did a great job.

Edit: Scrap that comment. The thread has been vanished. They are back to talking about how everything is racist, ridiculing vaccine refusers, and collaborating on how to coerce the stupid racist vaccine refusers into taking the poison.

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Fauci had written exactly the opposite many years ago. He claimed it could be helpful in the treatment of covid. I believe the reasons for the poo poo on hycroxy and other helpful therapeutics were:

  1. Dont let Trump be right
  2. We won't make any money on our vaccines if you can cure it that easliy.
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And, like someone else already said, you can't get emergency authorization if any effective alternate treatments are available.

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time to shut down Fauci.

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WTF he actually said "Too long for me to read". Obviously we know everything was deliberately done but that is not a good look for the left.

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Just like Pelosi but everybody thought that was just fine at the time.

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Fauci was an author on a paper that talked about the efficacy of HCQ with SARS-cov-1. He didn’t need anybody to tell him squat. He lied every day about everything.

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So the Tldr defense will keep his neck out of the rope? I think not

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This was a coordinated attack on the American public by the very people tasked with serving us.

That's the worst crime you could do as a purported public servant, and the price should be their heads disconnected from their bodies.

Hi Qaren_Headquarters ? Fuck yo-selves

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He himself touted hydroxychloroquine in 2005 as effective against coronavirus. The difference was he would make no money promoting an off patent drug that is sold over the counter in many countries. His buddies and Moderna and Pfizer had other more profitable ideas which he suddenly found more beneficial. So much for honest medicine.

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This is easy.

  1. Take all of fauci assets and remunerate as many victims as possible.

  2. Hang the litter fuck.

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This to me is the smoking gun. Fraudci killed 10s of thousands by insisting on testing an vaccinations as the only way.

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