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hopelessorisit 4 points ago +4 / -0

This slow roll of fraud revelations appears to have backed MSM into a corner and is now an advantage in my view.

There is so much fraud. Five new stories could come out each and every day and there would still be plenty more where that came from. Most of these stories are normie friendly and just a small amount of common sense is all it takes for a normie to accept it might be possible it is true. Multiply by hundreds of individual stories, and now the masses are hopping on board.

Beyond that, what is MSM to do? We’ve had nothing but refutation of any and all fraud stories by MSM everyday for over 200 days in a row. A normie has to ask themselves, “Is each and every one of these stories totally false?” Or MSM chooses to suppres or refuses to acknowledge reports of fraud. It’s lose-lose in terms of the public perception. Combined with such passion against audits, throwing hundreds of lawyers in front of simple request to examine ballots, only the sheepiest of sheep and dumbest of imbeciles could actually believe everything was A-OK.

The AZ audit would be nuclear red pill by itself. But with everyone being primed for months on end, I think an extraordinary catalyst is already in place, just waiting for a spark to spread to every average person out there.