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Scary shit

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Very scary, that technology exist to create a vaccine that spread from person to person like the common cold.

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Is there a transcript of this somewhere?

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From the youtube description:

SHEILA HEMPHILL: I’m Sheila Hemphill with Texas Right to Know and I have the privilege to be with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny who has decades of research on what exactly is happening in regards to vaccines and what is, particularly, happening with this COVID Vaccine, so Dr. Tenpenny, thank you for your years of work.


SHEILA HEMPHILL: We’ve had an opportunity to listen to her presentation and there are a couple of things I would like for her to highlight to you. Please explain the report of the two-year-old little boy that had been babysat by his [grandparents].

DR. SHERRI TENPENNY: So here’s the thing, is that a lot of people are talking about “When I am around someone who is vaccinated, can I contract anything from them?” They’ve called this “shedding” which is an inaccurate term, because “shedding” means that if I got, say, a chickenpox vaccine, and I shed a chickenpox virus to someone else, they would contract chickenpox. What’s happening here is we’re getting a transmission that we believe is the spike protein that has been created by these injections into people. It’s been transmitted to other people without close personal contact. We had over (1:00) 11000 reports of women who had abnormal bleeding; post-menopausal women who started to bleed, women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s who have periods that were like clockwork—they started to bleed. Young people are starting to bleed, and we’ve had reports of people who have lost two-thirds of their blood volume. Their hemoglobin has gone down to 4. We have a case report of a 22-month-old little girl who spent the weekend with her vaccinated grandparents and came home and was passing vaginal blood clots the size of small eggs. We have the reports of 3 and 4-year-old girls that are in daycare. They come home bleeding and they have had no sexual abuse. This is just bleeding and their panties were full of blood. This is actually happening. We have reports of cerebral vascular thrombosis. There have been over 117 reports to VAERS. We rarely see one of those a year, and we know that VAERS only tracks somewhere between one and ten percent of what’s actually happening. We now have (2:00) over 4,000 people that have been killed by these shots, and we have more than 193,000 adverse events reported by this shot alone. VAERS usually gets thirty reports per year on a sum total of 20 shots. This shot has been around since December, so in five months it has killed more than 4,000 people that we know of and has had more than 193,000 adverse events. That’s an FDA database number—monitored by the FDA, collected by the CDC. Those are government numbers. We can not—we can not—mandate an experimental product that can kill people and harm people, has no long-term studies whatsoever. We are now mandating this [sic]—we are now advising that children ages 12 to 15 get this shot. Does anybody have any data on what girls who have started their periods, did they stop? Girls going into puberty at age 12, are they ever going to go into puberty? I talked to a physician last night who works an Urgent Care and she said she’s getting (3:00) 30 to 35 men per week, coming into her Urgent Care, talking about testicular swelling and lack of being able to maintain an erection after getting their shot. I get reports, 10-20 per day, from all over the country, of people telling me horrendous stories of people who get one of these injections, so they can be any of the three, not just one of them, who have got their second shot and eight days later, fifteen days later they’re dead. These are deadly weapons. To mandate this for anyone, whether it’s a child, whether it’s a teacher, whether it’s anything to do with anybody in the government--you people who are mandating these things will have blood on your hands, and please don’t roll your eyes at me, because that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

SHEILA HEMPHILL: So I would make an appeal to the Legislature, to the Governor, to the Lieutenant Governor, and the Speaker of the State of Texas. Texas (4;00) is who I see as the hope to bring forth the truth of this deception, to do what you can with your authority to right this wrong and to correct and start the elite which is available, which we’ve heard about from these wonderful practitioners. We have hope of healing. Visit https://texasrighttoknow.com. We will be giving instructions on how to contact your legislators. We are in a very short timeframe to get our law in place so that no one can mandate an experimental drug on anyone. Thank you. Thank you.

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Thank you! I missed this because I don't watch videos directly on youtube but through another app which blocks tracking.

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you rock. thx for transcript.

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