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Right there with ya, fren

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Mercury might also be a good physical challenge.

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Mike Adams says Fema goons are going to force us to take the vax by gun point. So we are at go stage then, no? Where can novices buy a gun in california and get training and join groups now to fight together?

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Simply this. Them going door to door or anyone asking you a where dont have a right to know. HIPPA violations.

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My church would say:

Door to door to teach about the gospel

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If the WuFlu was a genuine threat, then by going door to door they would only be helping to spread it. In fact going door to door would be the most idiotic thing they could do.

Fortunately though, the delta variant is utterly weak and feeble (it kills less than 1 person per day in the UK out of a population of 6 million).

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Okay but can someone fill me in on where this shit came from? Did I miss a sticky on it or something? I haven't heard anything about door-to-door BS until recently; I've only heard that Biden failed to meet his handlers' jab goals.

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Psaki talked about it at a press conference a few days ago.

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Don't suppose you have a clip of it?