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I hope nothing happens to them, but with all the new info coming out about the vaccine, it doesn't seem to be looking good. I will be honest though. I am angry at most of them for getting it. They have no faith in God. One is supposedly an avid Christian. An annoying type. She would lecture everyone about stupid things yet she did not trust God enough to not get the vax. I have a relationship with God and I would die before I conpromised that relationship. Anything that resembles the mark of the beast AT ALL to me I want no part of.

I'm angry because people I care about trusted celebrities, the media and the Government over people who actually care about their well being. And more importantly, they did not trust God. I can't imagine a faithless existence. They must be dead inside. I feel bad and will pray for them and I wish they would accept God's love. Anyway I just needed to get that off my chest. I will pray for all your loved ones who got the Vax. They need Jesus badly. Very sad.