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I have a theory about how things will happen moving forward. Remember how Disclosure was supposed to happen and delays have put everything on hold? The part of our government that has the answers to UFO's, alien life, interstellar travel, etc. is probably the deepest part of our deep state. These folks are behind the siphoning of hundreds of $billions over the years from bloated budgets for dark projects where backwards engineering of UFOs and the technology surrounding them have taken place. They have remained in the background for decades and established their own government within the government which even the President isn't able to gain access. Obviously, they will not be forthcoming with what they know, what they are doing because of some executive order to release the info.

Now, those of us Patriots and Q followers know that much is happening in the background that will hopefully address the traitors, pedos, corrupt politicians, etc. We know lots of dis-information has been dropped in efforts to get the cabal to expend their ammunition. We keep wondering why things are moving so slowly. We had hoped Trump would have been back in office by now but we are still waiting to see the major declas, Durham's investigation, etc. that will fully awaken the public knowing that the deep state will attempt false flags to move eyeballs away from their mis-deeds and control the news narrative.

It occurred to me the other day that the biggest false flag of all times is awaiting the results of the Durham investigation, the big declass, etc. Imagine, what could compete with this information coming out? What could tear eyeballs away from indictments being opened against people we have hoped would finally be arrested? Well folks, what would you think if suddenly upon this release of info, the deep state trots out a real alien being? A UFO landing and an alien coming out? Think that maybe this would capture the news cycle for as long a necessary? Who would want to see HRC stumbling into a dark vehicle on her way to jail or that bright shiny UFO landing in full view of the world?

I'm not a betting person but I think this is why any disclosure info has been stalled and why things are so slow in resolving regarding Trump. It's like a Mexican standoff between white hats and black hats. My guess is the day Durham steps up to the microphone, the news feeds will have a "breaking news" moment switching the eyes and ears of the world over to a world wide global event of all events. The result will be all the evil doers will either slip away or quietly be dumped into the memory hole to be forever ignored by MSM.

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And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all. Mill stones are saucer shaped. Just a thought.