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Du hast mich gefragt!

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Honored to be copied by BigTEXAS and all Pedes anytime !

💥Feuer Frei💥 ! ! !

I got the first part of this meme from a street protester in France yesterday. I added the other half.

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Bang bang

Bang bang

Feuer frei

Bang bang

Bang bang

Feuer frei

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Somebody on a zoom call today, assuming everybody on the call was vaxxed, said it was sort of natural selection. Except he thinks the vaxxed will be the survivors....we live in different worlds.

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Think mirror

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The end is not for everyone.

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I know this is a Q reference, but the question is, what is "the end?"

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I think end is the harvest where the wheat and the tares are separated.

Matthew 13:39 The enemy that sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the end of the world; and the reapers are the angels.

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Possibly. If so I think it won't be as people expect.

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Thank you 🙏 for sharing

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you're welcome:) it's one of the verses I can't stop thinking about, so I look for any opportunity to discuss. really think it explains it all...

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How does that tie in with WWG1WGA?

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because Q has posted multiple references to prayer, the spirit realms, and tells us several times that it's 'biblical'- https://youtu.be/oW4joxNf51g?t=36

the parable of the wheat and the tares is one of Jesus' most famous verses and it's about the harvest/end times where there is a division of the two types of people. the wheat survive/the tares are burnt.

Cardinal Vigano also told us in the letter Q posted that this is a battle between the children of light vs. children of dark, hence the 'two' types of people.

And JFK Jr. read a similar verse at his mother's funeral.


of course I might be wrong, but I know millions of Christians also think something is going to happen in the near future.

Also curious that Fauci means 'sickle'...

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But know that the events described in II Thessalonians Chapter 2 will transpire before what is described in the passage read by JFK Jr. Also some of the last words that Paul wrote before he departed said that evil men shall wax worse. Tough times can come. When you read about what the Communist Bolsheviks did to Russian Christians during the revolution of 1917. Christians. Just like us. God is not a respecter of “persons”. We cannot be naive. We fear God and there we will stand. We need to walk circumspect and need to push back against evil and not let it catch us unawares. I know the Pedes are doing this and stand ready.

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A better World, free from and unfettered by the Cabal. Limitless possibilities, not empty promises and distraction.

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I've been thinking about this too, I'm probably way off. I feel like it can't be death, the way I understand it, it's the end of everything we see unfolding right now. What's going to happen at the end of all this? I have a hunch that it has to do with how most of the things many believe to be true, virtuous, good etc. are exactly the opposite and we will realize how we have been causing ourselves suffering through our own indulgence, compliance and ignorance. Maybe the cognitive dissonance will be so strong in some of us, that it will drive us crazy to the point where we cannot reconcile with 'reality'.

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Wow very powerful. I thought about that too, well stated thank you for sharing!

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Sadly, many have gotten that Darwin.

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I know I should pity them, but I feel nothing but contempt.

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Rammstein..great band. Du Hast!

It looks like half the country had failed the IQ test😞

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"We're all living in Amerika!"

Everyone should have that one on their computers.

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"Coca-Cola, Wonderbra!"

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German for wonderful.

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Nice! I like that you included his full post instead of just copying the words. Nice work OP!

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Yea I recall someone said this early on his quote was:

"Well its not every day we get a worldwide IQ test"

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"Its not a pandemic - Its an IQ test"

2016/2020 were/are not Presidential Elections - 2016/2020 were/are Milgram Experiments.

And America is learning... slowly... painfully...

America is waking up.


And for the visually inclined:

Derren Brown / The Heist - Full Episode

https://youtu.be/HDtMMsFoHuY (48 min 32 sec)

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I’m curious to why DeSantis all of a sudden went pro vax

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I still don't fully trust him

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Look at you getting all these doots for someone’s comment. Kek

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If they can transfer them to Rammstein1, he deserves them ALL! WWG1WGA

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Only if the Chinese hack our servers, will the doots be transferred.

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believe in Darwin, here’s your award.

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Been saying that for a while.

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Uproot x 1,000!

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Check my next post... ima keep it going!

I feel the love here... 🇺🇸