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Via my prayer group; “Please pray!!! 🙏🙏 Just received this from an Intercessor friend…

From a friend in Texas. Just received this from armor bearers of Mike Lindell please alert everyone you know to pray: I received this message just now from “Urgent Prayers for Mike Lindell. Angie & Steph (armor bearers of Mike)just called from S Dakota.  They have never seen so much spiritual opposition. The airport was closed down in their town in S Dakota just to keep the Christians from coming in to stand with Mike Lindell. They flew all over trying to land anywhere close. The people were coming without invitation just to pray. One group knew they couldn’t get in so they went on roof just to pray. She said the rumor is out that the government is planning to arrest everyone who went to the Symposium just like they did to ones who went in Capitol on Jan 6th. They are coming against Mike so hard & he is fighting back just like Pres Trump. Reporters & every one imaginable are fighting& threatening him hard. Kendra (his fiancé) is keeping Angie & Steph right by her side back stage to pray & give her advice what to do every minute.  Angie & Steph were only ones they invited to come to symposium as their prayer warriors. They even sent their private jet to Brownwood to pick them up. They said the warfare could be cut like with a knife.     Mr Lindell didn’t eat—he was in so many battles. Angie said the witches were blatantly all over & people adamantly  against them  & anyone who is for Trump or Lindell. It is no wonder Bro Jacob said they were not prepared for the warfare they would have. Angie said that was an understatement. They said we need all the prayer warriors we can get for today thru Friday. This symposium will carry so much weight in how things will go in our nation.”