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TDU_Weight 1 point ago +1 / -0

Fine tuning is one thing... but at least they could keep the order right...

...its the flu (virus) and then the B-3 Bomber. They have it backwards now.

Wag The Dog / B-3 bomber...


19 July 2021 Zerohedge article


B-21 bomber =/ B-2+1 bomber / B-3 bomber...

23 August 2021 AZ Senate President Fann Letter



The film school dropouts are writing the psy-op script now.

We got plenty of fake crises providing distractions....

Pandemic, bad vaccine, stolen elections, hostages in Afghanistan...

Afghanistan not a hoax, you say.

Look at this picture...


What trigger discipline!

And who is that handsome devil on the far right in a fake beard?

Where's the manager...

I want my money back...

And your popcorn is cold!