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Herpes Zoster is shingles.

The vaxx and covid can both reactivate the virus. I'm just getting over covid and I can tell you that while I was sick, spots where I had shingles 20 years ago flared and hurt like crazy.

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I wonder if it can re-trigger the chicken pox or anything similar ? I had a friend who had some flu like stuff a week ago. He got past the flu stuff but now he had a weird rash break out. It's gone away mostly on his upper body but his feet are still really bad.

He was worried he may have gotten infected by a shedder. I hope that wasn't the case..

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Chicken pox = Shingles = Herpes Zoster

Same bug

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I will swear till my dying day that I got spike proteins from a shedder. Mostly felt like the flu except that every place I've had surgeries and where I broke my elbow were on fire from pain. Felt like I had thousands of rock a chaws under my skin.

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Thank you for the info -- I guess I would be high risk in that way....healed from a lot of car accidents (none my fault)

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One of the doctors warning about the vaccines says that the vaccine activates dormant viruses in the system. I think it was Dr. Tess Lawrie and she had data from the UK regarding it.

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These viruses hide in your nerve canals waiting for an opportunity, but normally your immune system keeps them in check without issues. They can flare up whenever your immune system is weakened for any reason.

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Bell's Palsy is also caused by a virus. Of the several virii listed, Herpes Zoster was among them.

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High levels of stress and/or a weakened immune system can bring about shingles. I was under high stress from lengthy unemployment in my 20s and had shingles. Normally shingles is for elderly people. Once you have had chicken pox as a child, the herpes virus goes dormant and your immune system keeps it in check. If the clot shots are ruining people's immune systems, I can certainly see how it would result in shingles outbreaks. My insurance didn't cover the cost of the shingles medicine my doctor prescribed, so I bought neem cream and it worked well. Neem works great on many skin conditions like sunburn and mosquito bites, and it is also a natural mosquito repellent.

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I had the same thing happen in my 30s. Extreme stress brought out the shingles.

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Me too!

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My Mom put my brother and sister out in the sun with only shorts on and they were very miserable, we all were given baths in oats my Mom ground up. She was afraid to put me in the Sun due to other health issues. Later in life I got Eczema really bad until I was healed. My brother and Sister never got any skin problems.

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My friend's son got shingles on his face post jab.

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That's horrible, to me the sores were like someone stuck a cigarette to my skin. I could not handle it anymore and I told God that, and begged him to stop the pain. Gone, the sores stopped burning, and they started all going away. No new ones. Many other things but that is what did it for me.

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That's dangerous. Shingles on the face typically ends with nerve damage.

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I had lingering pain at the site that would flare up when I became excessively fatigued. But it decreased over the years and 15ish years later, with better life choices (spiritual, relational, etc) I almost nvr get anything

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Crazy, huh, that these areas would be painful? Some of my spots are over 45 years old but hurt as though I had had surgery the day before.

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My sister who is vaxxed got shingles for like 5 weeks. She had them once a long time ago. They’re only supposed to last 10 days so 5 weeks in a really unusual case.

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I know a lady in her 60's that got the jab and just had a shingles outbreak around her eye.

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Oatmeal is soothing, and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, especially if the sores are open. Its your body trying to push out the bad stuff, wash gently and often helps your body to flush them out.

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A friend of mine took both jabs earlier this year and reported a month or so later she had an enormous herpes (cold sore) on the roof of her mouth that kept her from eating for a couple of weeks.

Two weeks ago another female friend who took both jabs ended up with a large cold sore beside her nose. It took a couple of weeks for it to finally disappear with some meds.

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Friend of mine took both moderna jabs - within a couple of weeks, developed a huge stye on eyelid (in hindsight, looked like a giant boil or cold sore). Needed ophthalmologist to lance the lesion - lasted for 2 months even with antibiotics. Denies completely that the two were related - however, she's stated that she's not taking any boosters.

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So essentially, getting COVID after getting the vaccine increases your risk of having myocarditis as a result of the vaccine?


If so, I suppose that begs two questions:


  1. Can SARS-COV-2 alone (unvaccinated individual) cause myocarditis?

  2. Why the fuck would anyone get this vaccine?

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  1. no
  2. baaa
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Concise and to the point. I like your style.

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I think COVID 19 can cause myocarditis but I do not believe it has ever been reported as long term or severe.


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Damn. My sister who works in a hospital is vaxxed. About two weeks ago she had to have emergency appendicitis surgery to remove it. She is 30 and otherwise healthy.

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Her body is probably attacking the spike proteins that has spread all over her body.

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Wow! A friend that was vaxxed is on her 4th case of Shingles. Her doctor has no idea why...sigh!

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I had shingles last september, and had covid(im pretty sure) in march 2020. The covid was fine, the shingles wasnt very pleasant. The doc gave me ivermectin pills and cream though, the shingles vanished almost instantly

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Had shingles at 45. The first sopt was so painful it reminded me of my second child's birth. (I thought you were supposed to forget that?)

I was lucky-- light case...only a few spots on the rib. Was able to work...didn't get diagnosed right away so only natural treatments available.

If that were the only side effect of these "vaccines" I would say no. Shingles can attack the face, the heart, the brain.....

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So I read the paper

Vaxxed 2.5x more likely to experience myocarditis Unvaxxed who catch covid 18x more likely to experience myocarditis

This should actually be good pr for the jab. Don’t know why malone would push this paper

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Not necessarily....

so we also estimated the effects of SARS-CoV-2 infection on this same set of adverse events.

Sooo, the control group didn't Experience these effects - they were estimated. I also read that the estimate was 3 vs 11. Not sure where the 18x came in?

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I don't take it seriously at all. PCR tests do not diagnose covid. So... It's pretty much invalid.

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Because he's a person of science and believes that people should be able to weigh the cost/benefits accurately before making a decision.

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Caveat: If you check out the tables in the original study, it's important to note that this is a relatively young sample, with a majority under 40 years. They are also pretty healthy---the most frequently mentioned co-morbidity is being overweight (approx. one-third). It would be interesting to see what happens among people with pre-existing health conditions, since some doctors speculate that the vaccination is particularly damaging to patients with auto-immune disorders.

Link to full article: https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa2110475