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Alright, so, first up, this is just a small list of items that I personally have in my set up. This is aside from my armor and load out. This is what is in my pack at all times, ready to roll in the event shtf. It’s a daypack/assaultpack whatever you called it in your branch, that same shit, packed with the basic essentials. Everyone has their own load out of their erhm…”fishing tackle” so go with what works for you. This will be the stuff you carry on your back. Don’t forget to include an IFAK in your fishing tackle that is separate from the medical in your daypack. Don’t mix those two up.


Quick clot (You can use the gauze or the powder here, it doesn’t matter. Learn how to use it and keep it handy. It could save your life or your battle buddy’s one day.)

Tourniquet (Nuff said.)

Nasal tube (Vital for blocked airway passages after trauma to the neck, throat, nose etc. this same tube will also double for opening up the trachea if need be.)

Sucking chest wound kit (You can either make your own by using some plastic and tape, tape three sides down and leave one side open for draining, or you can buy the pre-made kits. I’d recommend them but also know how to make your own.)

Pneumothorax kit (Don’t be cheap, just buy a sterile prepackaged kit with this. It’ll save yours or your battle buddy’s life.)

Sterilized blade (Nuff said.)

Curved needle and thread (Stitches.)

Butterfly bandage (Don’t waste your needle and thread if you don’t have to.)

Tri bandage (Multiple uses, sling for broken/sprained arm, protection from the sun etc.)

Glycerin (Skin treatment, laxative.)

Scissors (Nuff said.)

Iodine wipes (Sterilize.)

Alcohol wipes (Sterilize.)

Liquid bandage (Easy for small cuts, also acts caustic and stops bleeding.)

Super glue (Slightly bigger cuts that don’t require stitches but need to be closed in a hurry.)

Elastic bandage (Wrap wounds.)

Non stick gauze (Nuff said.)

Moleskin (You’re gonna get blisters on the move. Take care of your feet, without them, you’re dead.)

Tweezers (Nuff said.)

Potassium permanganate (Water treatment and also doubles as a fire starter. Mix it with the glycerin above and a chemical reaction occurs that creates an very hot fire, very fast.)

So that pretty much sums it up for a basic medical list of supplies you’ll need for anything traumatic to stay in the battle. You can throw in some other shit like Motrin, aspirin etc. but I’d rather suck it the fuck up. Next up will be a basic gear list to get you buy easily the first week rationing out food bars then after that you’ll have to rely heavily on your survival skills when the food bars run out.


Survival bars x 3 (Pretty cheap and reliable food bars can be found at Walmart that have a shelf life of 5 years. Plenty of calories to ration out for a week worth of go juice. Yes they taste like shit.)

Poncho liner (Gotta have your woobie to stay warm.)

Water filtration tube (Sawyer makes a great mini that doesn’t take up a lot of room in the bag and is good for thousands of gallons. This will save you on the move but you should rely on boiling.)

Binos (Nuff said.)

First aid (Fit your medical pack in here.)

Camel back bladder (Fill up when you can. The more mobile you are the better your chances of survival. If you have to keep stopping for water then you’re a bigger target in the open.)

Fire starting (Magnesium stick/flint stick whatever you want. Something reliable that will be your primary form. The stuff in your med kit is a last resort.)

Camping Knife (Any survival knife will do here. Good quality steel, holds a decent edge. This won’t be for fighting, it will be for skinning, breaking wood, cutting ropes etc.)

Signal mirror (Your choice on this. It can save your life but it is also a giveaway of your position.)

Leatherman (Nuff said.)

Pens, pencils, waterproof paper rite in the rain (Should always keep this handy. Draw terrain out, make notes, track your distance, recon, etc.)

Lensatic compass (Learn how to use one of these. This will be how you travel when electronic go down.)

Waterproof map (Get one of your area and learn how to read it. Learn the difference between true north and magnetic north. Learn how to transfer between your compass and the grid.)

Survival books (Foraging, snares, traps, what to eat, what to avoid, plants, wildlife etc.)

550 cord (Nuff said.)

Survival 22lr (STRICTLY for small game only. Rabbits, squirrels, birds etc. do not waste this ammo for any other purpose. This entire rifle stows away compacted in the bag and even floats. This should also be as a last resort. First priority should be traps, snares etc.)

Pocket saw (Don’t buy a cheap one. They will break, piss you off and kill morale in a survival scenario. Spend the $50 and get a hood one.)

Canteen cup combo (Gotta boil water in something. Can cook in it as well.)

Altoid tin with cloth (Easy charcloth setup. Learn how to make it, do it and store it in here. Very good tinder when needed however you should use this last and search for fresh tinder before all else. Save your supplies and don’t be lazy.)

Emergency radio (You can get a solar powered one for $20 now. It is worth it.)

Space blanket (One time use but it takes barely any weight/space so why not.)

Baby wipes (Wipe your ass, clean your body, unscented only. Fight the swamp ass, stop the jock itch, stay in the fight.)

Tarp (Shelter, rain protection, mud/dirt protection. Get one, camo, no stupid bright colors that make you stand out.)

That’s all I got to share for now frens. If anyone else wants to add to this, please make a comment like this

Medical or Daypack Item here Reasoning here

This will help us all share the knowledge we have. This is my first truly high effort post and I hope you all enjoy and engage so we can all stay frosty together. WWG1WGA

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This is what contributing something to your frens actually looks like u/aPosteriori

Take notes.