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Governor Inslee is a tyrant with connections to Gates and China. He has mandated vaccines for all healthcare workers, schools, and state agencies. Hospitals in WA are following Inslee, and refusing to treat COVID-19 with anything but the vaccines.

Why is the only experimental treatment allowed the vaccine? Hospitals are refusing alternative treatments such as ivermectin, and are continuing ventilators, with very bad outcomes.

Biden said on 9/1 what WA hospital leadership said on 8/27, "this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated." WA state is 3 days ahead of Biden’s narratives.

Small businesses that service the medical industry is also being affected, such as security lock/key and plumbing businesses.... only jabbed employees will be allowed from small businesses. Small businesses are only 30% vaccinated.

In most areas, about 80% of medical personnel are jabbed, with at least 5 to 10% of nursing positions unfilled. Staffing crisis.

Most Hospitals have stopped all elective surgeries, and we are seeing shortages of monoclonal antibodies, steroids, and other meds used in the ICU setting. Rationing of care is likely by winter. The unvaccinated will probably not be recieving the same level of care by late October.

Discrimination towards the unvaccinated is becoming more common. ICUs are blaming the crisis on the unvaccinated. They are stopping family involvement, and pushing ventilators, with very poor outcomes. It's looking like they want as many unvaccinated to die as possible

Physicians that prescribe ivermectin are not being given permissions at Hospitals. Hospitals are refusing to discharge COVID-19 patients to hospice at home.... we've tried this route so that FLCCC protocols can at least be attempted. If you are admitted to the hospital, you are essentially their prisoner, and family has no say in treatment options.

Most of the population is ignorant and asleep. Only 20% are awake.

October 18th is the date that school and Healthcare workers need to be jabbed. September 12th is another big date for us.... if you haven't had the first jab by then, hospitals/schools are prepping to fire us.

Most 150+ bed hospitals have at least 100 to 200+ positions for nurses. Jabbed ICU and medical nurses can make six figures as contract RNs. Hospitals are willing to fire nurses that are not jabbed, and pay obscene wages to short term contract RNs. The hospitals get more money from the feds the higher rate of vaccination. Covid-19 patients are getting 20k to 40k of funding from the feds, with conditions that they follow WHO protocols.

Legislation is supporting all of the above. It looks like compliance with the pharmaceutical corporations is what our leadership is in agreement with.

We're fucked basically.

I'm an RN in the thick of it, not jabbed yet. This might be my last 2 weeks as a nurse, my calling, my passion, and what I'm best at.