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Could you please advise (wife)’s current Covid-19 vaccination status. Please advise if this has been administered and if so please provide date of dose/s (otherwise date of booking if applicable) If (wife) hasn’t received the Covid-19 vaccine, please also do let me know to mark as “not administered.”

Thank you for your time,

Hi (---------),

(wife)'s medical data is private and is not available.

We might be able to make it available to your office, however, if you could kindly provide the following medical information with relation to the clients whose (locations) she (attends):

Do they have the herpes virus or have they been in contact with anyone who has had the herpes virus in the past 3 months?

Do they currently have any sexually transmitted diseases?

Are they currently experiencing mental health issues that might make them a danger to (wife)?

Can their (doctor) provide a statement to the effect that they are not a danger mentally to (wife), because of a stable, mental health status?

Have they had tuberculosis in the last 2 years?

Have they been exposed to anyone with tuberculosis in the last 2 years?

I'd like to come up with more applicable questions related to the medical status / information of the (clients). Can you help?

Please add in the comments below.

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Ask about travel outside the state.