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SocratesKnowsNothing 7 points ago +7 / -0

is this true? I agree with Gitmo generally speaking and the Laura Silsby with the Amber Alert system. I also thought there was some hidden in n out websites that seems to be women being prostituted either on their own free will or not. perhaps I'm thinking of another fast food joint that had this association

TheMAGAnificent 68 points ago +68 / -0

I mean, they literally have bible verses printed on their cups and boxes.

They refuse to open restaurants outside the delivery range of their company owned farms and ranches, because they don't freeze any of their food, so they won't deliver past a range that trucks can drive without the meat and produce going bad (less range because the food isn't frozen).

They consistently have ads up at their registers to support rescuing kids.

They pay their employees a fair wage, 401k, and paid vacations... All as soon as you're hired.

They remain privately owned instead of going public, so they can maintain their vision.

And their food is amazing, consistently good, and low priced.

If Jesus said "you know a tree by its fruit" then you know the actions of In and Out at least are consistent with what they preach. Are they actually a good company? Are they really fighting human trafficking?are they really christian? Who truly knows, but God. But they seem to he at least trying, and that's more than most can say these days.

smartbaum 2 points ago +16 / -14

sure and the devil himself can quote scripture better than most.

as a Christian I'm immediately suspicious of any successfull business or organization virtue signalling bible verses and Christian symbols.

All I mean by that is In-n-Out may or may not be doing good work, no way to tell either way without direct evidence

the_riots_woke_me_up 29 points ago +30 / -1

I don't know about you, but scripture on packaging that is read by many people who live lives with no gospel exposure seems like a positive impact to me. Some people are bound to be convicted by it, even if most just brush it off