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Too much dooming as of late.

Yalls forgetting some things.


We are being SHOWN a 'BRAVE NEW WORLD'


This movie (a dystopian horror flick) is being shown so that NPCs can WAKE UP. But... we have to watch it with them. As Q says, "we take this journey together".


Again, people must be SHOWN in order to find the will to chance. How bad will it get? As bad as it takes to WAKE UP a EVERYONE that is able to wake up. The more red pills the digital soldiers dispense, the faster it'll be. The end won't be for everyone, some just won't be able to wake up from the matrix.

Operation warpspeed isn't about 'vaccines' its about turning up the flame to boil, instead of a slow simmer. It's forcing the enemy to show their hand SO FAST that their agenda can not be hidden. It's about turning NPCs into Pepes and getting them to jump out of the pot.

It's showing their end result too early. Are people waking up? People regretting bye-den? Regretting and resisting big pharma? Fighting Wallstreet? Fighting schools?

Wait till you see how they fight CA now that Nuisance survived in electing fraud 2.0...

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GAMAGABOI 6 points ago +6 / -0

Yea so too bad for all the people that die cause of it?.... Im ready to be in heaven already

PeaceAndLovePatriot [S] 14 points ago +14 / -0

If your one who reads the Bible (idk if you are) it says "those who are alive and REMAIN"

Many WILL die. The flesh means nothing. It is not YOU. It's an avatar. A potters vessel. A wine skin.

Many of us WILL remain till the end though. We will see this through.