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Hey everyone,

Here is the article: https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/chinas-economy-suddenly-disintegrates-land-sales-crater-90

He summed things up nicely at the end: "Bottom line: Beijing is facing an economy whose wheels have suddenly come off, and unless China's political elite is willing to unleash another massive monetary and fiscal tsunami and bail out the economy all over again - something Beijing has repeatedly vowed it won't do this time - a hard landing, whether or not accompanied by a Volcker Moment, is virtually guaranteed."

I'm sure all the pedes here will have much to discuss about this.

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pnwhomebrewer 22 points ago +22 / -0

Just prepare for absolute chaos across the board. Shit’s gonna get crazy.

Financial: GME, Gold, Silver, good crypto’s

Have a good bug in or bug out plan. Have multiple routes to your bug out location.

Food, Water, light and energy. Be diversified. Be able to provide all of these through as many avenues as possible.

Don’t be an idiot and make yourself a target. For my fellow APES on here don’t go around flaunting your tendies if MOASS happens. You don’t want fair weather friends and family to come after you especially after their 401k’s go to shit. Only my brother knows how many GME shares I have.

Make plans with like minded friends, neighbors and family. Have an idea who you are willing to help. Don’t tell non like minded people you prep. They will come for you and you’ll have to turn them down or worse.

BeKind 3 points ago +3 / -0

Fellow GME shareholder...

What are you implying that the MOASS has to do with China being a mess?

I'm more concerned that Peter Strzok's wife is Acting Director of the Division of Enforcement for the SEC. She's directly responsible for holding the market fraudsters accountable, and thus ultimately responsible for triggering the MOASS.

Without honorable enforcement, nothing happens.

pnwhomebrewer 5 points ago +5 / -0

The market crash will be the catalyst. All world markets will start collapsing. The criminals went all in on the scamdemic.

The Fed can’t bail out all the people who shorted GME without causing mass instant hyperinflation. This shit goes all the way to Amazon for example. The government will desperately need money from the capital gains taxes as they will be broke and will let the hedgefunds and banks who shorted GME fail. Remember when Yellen said the government will be broke soon?

The Fed is the final boss and will throw everyone under the bus to save themselves. They do not give a shit the hedgefunds. Their control is most important. They have to keep their system in place until they are ready with the great reset. The people though will start moving into Gold/Silver and crypto. Imagine thousands of GME and AMC Apes buying shit loads of PM’s and crypto at once.

Storzak’s wife is a pawn. GME will explode cause the market crash will force their hand.

I think Trump trapped the Wall Street old guard with the vax. All these people shorted GME and others cause they thought the lockdowns would last years. They never thought she would lose, they never thought Trump could get the vax out that fast. Now they all lose, game over.

FuckNewsom 1 point ago +1 / -0

If your theory about the gov wanting that capital gains taxes is true, then it's in their best interest to launch this rocket before the end of the year, so they can collect those taxes by April 15.

I'm in CA, highest taxes in the nation (expect maybe NY?) and we've already been entertaining the idea of moving to Florida (we've been there twice in the past six months, scouting it out) and if yuge $ rolls in after Jan 1 ('22 tax year) then I'm moving to FL for zero state taxes on that windfall.