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Just because someone doesn't buy into fake traditionalism, ecumenism, believes that Jews are NOT the chosen ones, is not evangelical, doesn't believe in the 'secret rapture', doesn't attend church on the first day of the week named after our nearest star, doesn't buy into pompous and pious morality doesn't make one a communist!

Get a God Damned Grip. We are not a theocracy, and not wanting to live under one doesn't make one a communist.

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I do agree. There are a lot of posters on here who go in heavy with the Jesus and yet don't have an ounce of acting in a Christian way towards others.

But, to the flipside of that, I don't want to live under the rule of bad=good, where common sense is deemed bigoted and we are forced to buy into a social contract against our will. Or where "science" is completely up to the whims of whomever is pulling the strings that day.

Not everyone who voted for Trump is a Nazi, but the mainstream media has been pedaling that for 5-6 years now. Therefore, the majority of the internet supports that view.

How much power do people here really have? It's a niche part of the internet. If they think you're a retarded, cum drinking communist is of little consequence, in the scheme of things.

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Been saying for a long time: The commies are the enemy. First we deal with that, then we can find petty reasons to fight if that's how it sadly had to be.

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here is the thing...Communism as an ideology, in particular an international ideology collapsed the minute the Soviet Union collapsed. BTW China would not be considered a communist nation, at least not under Marxist/Leninist standards. Mao mirrors Hitler more than Stalin, Lenin ect.

What is going on in America and other Western nations with this Covid Vax thing is not communism, it is fascism. I'm gonna have to do a big right up to explain it in detail because people are just not getting exactly what is going on.