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purkiss80 [S] 12 points ago +12 / -0

I'm glad that the FDA hearing yesterday was filled with doctors acknowledging this data...

Fascinating what happens when you let panels of doctors speak rather than the same handful of television doctors...


morethanaconquerer2 5 points ago +5 / -0

Has anyone considered the possibility that a few of the past ones were bad and simply covered up? Look how long it took us to expose this one!

The others numbers should be in question also, but it's not even an afterthought. There's a pretty strong correlation between the MMR and Autism.

There's a reason big pharma has had immunity for decades and decades.

WhyAserverWasBuilt 3 points ago +3 / -0


Google Dr Andrew Moulden. He was to be Canadian equivalent to our AMA leader but turned it down because he was told he would have to drop his 25-year study of vaccines and the Brain. He had to flee and had a heart attack in in Miami. He spoke to doctors at USF and I was fortunate to hear him speak and watch his video clips of SO MUCH DAMAGE! I saw him in 2010.


And read here https://dokument.pub/every-vaccine-produces-harm-flipbook-pdf.html

Mavdick96 4 points ago +4 / -0

I've never seen or heard of a jab of any kind that has killed or injured as many as this one. Why the fuck are people so willingly blind to this? I've been called sCiEnCe DeNiEr because I believe in natural immunity, herd immunity, and taking my fucking vitamins. Oh and I'm a cOnSpIrAcY tHeOrIsT if I don't wanna take an experimental death jab. 🥴♿🥴♿

morethanaconquerer2 5 points ago +5 / -0

Why the fuck are people so willingly blind to this?

Because indoctrination is a hell-of-a-drug!

We were all born into it, and breaking out of it is hard for the human mind to fathom, much less accomplish. It most literally creates an identity crisis for the person who bought the farm.

Think about it, if you were ever all in, you will soon realize you've lived your entire life as a lie. People you were trained to trust are no longer trustworthy, and the scum that we were to them creates disgust.

How do they join the group that is vile to them even knowing they're wrong and the group was correct? There are a lot of hard roads ahead of them.

I understood it from research and training I undertook to become better at my profession, but when people started waking up over Trump, I realized that I carry some disgust for the ones who never woke up prior to Trump.

It's sad that it sometimes pisses me off when the newer ones talk down to us older conspiracy theorists. We've know for decades, only to be ostracized by a lot of the people who are now here, on P.win, Gab and many other platforms.

Sometimes I have to settle my mind and get back to what's important, which is what I've spent the last 35 years attempting to do, and that was waking the people up before it's too late.

I got what I worked decades for. What a concept, it's happening, but still carry some of that disgust, while being elated it's happening.

We're all human, we all carry faults and blind spots.

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FlyingScotzman 1 point ago +1 / -0

>It means it's working.

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morethanaconquerer2 1 point ago +1 / -0

If it were not for "this stupid movie", 95% of the populace of earth would soon die.

The globalist cabal had it carved in stone on the Georgia Guidestones with their 10 commandments. The first one is keep the global population under 500,000,000. That means between 90 and 95% of humans must be exterminated.

Start looking around and do some basic math with these numbers that they put out, not us, and think of the current loses compared to the globalists goal.

This movie is the only way humanity survives, because you haven't considered what they will do to the remaining 500,000,000.