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Whoever spent 3 years leaking classified info via anonymous message boards is the most likely answer. We may never have a face to recognize or a single person to point to, because the government is at war with itself.

If Durham has all the data about crimes that were suggested by Q, it’s gonna be pretty obvious pretty soon. If he does, you can thank the NSA/Space Force.

People expect something out of a movie. Most of the war is not kinetic. It’s administrative, electronic, media and courtroom.

It’s not just being fought with bullets, it’s being fought by administration. Look for large changes in the structure of intelligence and the military as a sign of battles being fought and won we can’t see.

The CIA is publicly cut off from military support. SOCOM was elevated dramatically in power. Space Force merged with NSA and is now taking over all electronic intelligence, ie, the military is grabbing everything from the corrupt civilians.

And this is just the bureaucratic shit we know about. Imagine the changes occurring that we can’t see yet.

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Devolution - This is Patel patriots link to his 11th Submission - LONG but Informative on to what is PROBABLY going on - https://patelpatriot.substack.com/p/devolution-part-11