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This is all speculation and nobody has to agree with me. Just thinking.

I've been paying close attention to the developments across the general populace. Now with the Afghan debacle and vaccine mandates, resistance to Biden and the plandemic is seeping more and more into mainstream consciousness. Even my vaxx-loving parents are planning to boycott restaurants and stores that mandate proof of vaxx.

Q said that it had to be this way, only at the precipice will people find the will to change. We know that Donald Trump is very high up on the Deep State's target list, and if he is assassinated, people all over the world will have had enough of this bullshit and rise up. Think of the tremendous energy that will be released if they take him from us, and how much this moment would feel as a precipice, our last chance.

Also, I think the Donald is not coming back to serve as our President. The guy has played his part exquisitely already, he is old, and he is more of a public mascot than a political mastermind. We all know he could never have done and known as much as he did without the help of Q and the military. This is bigger than Trump.

Trump is also an easy target for the mainstream media to lay blame on. That's why he supports taking the vaccine, a tactical move that makes sure opposition to the vaxx society can't be downplayed by blaming Trump. In the same way, an uprising (I mean a non-violent civil disobedience kind of uprising, military is the only way) could easily be framed by the Deep State as a coup by Trump and friends. This would be made impossible by a calculated assassination at the right moment, to trigger the people to FINALLY make their own way. This would give the signal to the military that the time is ripe to step in, that the people will not be taken hostage and are ready for the darkness to come to light.

This assassination of Donald Trump might even be done deliberately by White Hats (!!) themselves, so they can control the time and place exactly. In this case, Trump knows about this, and it might be 'the toughest decision of my life' that he talked about surrounding operation Warpspeed. Operation Warpspeed forced the Deep State to carry out their agenda sooner and faster than they wanted to, making their Spiel blatantly obvious to anyone paying attention. The assassination of Trump might be a part of Operation Warpspeed.....

Maybe none of this is true, but maybe it has some value to someone out there.

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Yeah, not happening. The last thing the cabal would want right now is the people rising up.