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Slap yourself in the head. Why aren't you watching Virginia? It is one of two states with statewide elections going on right now. Republican Glenn Youngkin versus extreme dirtbag Clinton buddy Terry McAuliffe. Go research McAuliffe. Deep State doesn't get any deeper.

Democrats know they are in trouble. Even Northern Virginia, the major population area and traditionally blue, is truly pissed. Forced vaccination on federal employees and school employees has created that pissed off effect. Add the desertion of Americans in Afghanistan and the killing of 13 members of the military. A huge number of people in Northern Virginia spend time stationed overseas. Then top it off with totally screwed up public schools.

The rest of the state was pretty much red already with a few exceptions.

So what do the Democrats do? They plan a massive cheat in Fairfax County and probably elsewhere. This is how they are doing it.

They suddenly introduce in the polling places (early voting started last Friday) a NEW GADGET. No one knew about it ahead of time. Hmmm, wonder what that could be for. It is supposedly to mark ballots. You touch the candidates' names on the touch screen and then it prints off a ballot. You then put it in the other voting machine that counts it. The Democrat scumbags added it because...

There is no reason. Other than voter fraud.

Voters can easily miss that the wrong votes were cast. And what keeps the Democrats from printing out ballots after hours? Nothing.

But there's more, if you order by midnight tonight...

The Democrats have a special arrangement by which they hire "temporary" employees to work at the early voting polls. No one can apply for these jobs. It is only the special few who get selected in some mysterious way. Hmmm...add that to the new gadget...

But voting has just started, and word got out quickly when people saw the new gadget and wondered what the hell was going on.

McAuliffe is not campaigning much at all. He is counting on the voter fraud thing just like Hillary did.

Catch the bad guys BEFORE they do the voter fraud. That is our new motto.

Watch for them everywhere. They are very tricky.

Arizona is only the beginning.

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DCGRITS 5 points ago +5 / -0

Northern Virginia is a cesspool of voting fraud. I’ve noticed Gov blackface has been pretty quiet since the fraud questions have been raised. Betting he’s been a key player in Virginia voter fraud.

HoppyHap 2 points ago +2 / -0

Northern Virginia is always last to report in VA. Fairfax, Arlington and Loudon Counties to be precise. I have been in the involved with 2 recounts for Fairfax County. Fairfax went high tech or the big steal in 2014. This system, from Election Systems & Software (ES&S), includes 525 DS200 electronically scanned paper ballot machines as well as 600 ExpressVote machines, the latter of which use technology similar to touch screen equipment to generate paper ballots. The Express machines make it easy to cheat if you are so inclined. The easy method to steal is dead voters and voters who were registered to vote and did not cast a ballot. IE the reason for late night reporting. There were 761,573 active registered voters in the last presidential election in Fairfax. 25% to 35% of the voters never show up to vote in Fairfax. Every 5% is about 38,000 votes. Between the 3 counties they have about 1.6 million voters. Every 5% equals 80,000 votes