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Actually a mental illness = not reading the Federalist Papers and believing blindly from being told on TV that guns are bad and you are a terrible person (aka a terrorist child killer) for not wanting them banned.

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lol no one actually has guns, I've only ever seen them on movies and tv

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Guns aren't real. Neither are birds. /s

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Gun? What is this thing you speak of?

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Modern Left = SATAN

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Gaping festering puss filled wound is more like it.

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Doesn't quite roll off the tongue, though.

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Kinda except let's make THEM die for THEIR cause, ok?

Subtle but critical mindset shift....

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Hey now, that's considered glowie talk round these here parts! We're told to be peaceful and not use any resistance until we're literally being rounded up on cattle cars. If you suggest using the 2nd amendment for its intended purpose a moment sooner than that then you must be a fedboi.

At least that's the logic I keep seeing around here.

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You have no idea how to go stealth. Fool.

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You don't know the first thing about me.

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I agree with you 1,000,000%.

It's fucking ridiculous and why we keep losing. 🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻

They openly talk about - and actually, physically commit - violence against us, meanwhile we won't even talk about it online.

Gives me great hope for our future. 😐🙄😐🙄😐🙄😐🙄🙄

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Also LOL at any fucking utter moron faggot calling me a 'glowie'; most accounts that do haven't been here half as long as I have.

So fuck all the way off with your faggot, coward bullshit. 🥴🙄

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Yep, most likely is going to come to that.

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Thread begins here. Worth its own sticky, it's such an important comment!


Edit: also added to PW if you want to upvote.


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Gun rights for a long time has faced a Gun Owner having Second Amendment stripped over anything that can be classified as a mental health issue.

Have ADD / ADHD / Depression / Been Physically Attacked? That’s enough in many states.

Each year they layer on more provisions and nickel and dime our freedoms.

The New World Order works through Regulations and Encroachment

Basically if you have ever even seen a marriage counsellor most of them want to use that as an excuse to take away your rights.

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It’s actually sad because it deters a lot of people getting help when they need it

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Yes. It does.

More and more people i know won't go get any sort of help because of it.

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Its not as bad as you think. They do not blanket report all people who see a shrink to the fbi or state police. It’s if someone tells a shrink they are homicidal or basically planning suicide or sperging out about hurting people. obviously never good idea for someone to tell a doctor they own firearms either. I would tell someone if they need help try to find a shrink they can trust to not just be like “your problem is you are not commie enough”. And don’t worry about it since being unvaccinated especially if you end up on a list by being fired for it, or a pissed off ex girlfriend, is far more likely to be pursued as an illegal firearm ban than the thousands of mental health treatment seekers who they have no reason to believe they own a gun or are a “threat” unless the patient basically tells them

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Bullshit. The VAST majority of mental health professionals are extreme lefties. A large percentage of them will actively look for ways to report their patients as a danger to society, or to their spouse and children, or whatever they have to do if they know it will end up with gun confiscation. If they can't report it to law enforcement directly because of conservative state laws, they'll secretly report it to someone in CPS or some other department that's infested with liberals or they'll report it to some federal agency. If there is any tiny sliver of a chance to get someone's guns confiscated, they'll do everything in their power to find some way to get it done. Red flag laws represent far more than a tiny sliver of an opening.

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This depends on the state actually.

Many states have added laws that passively give medical records to police when it comes to mental health under the predicate of "Who are we dealing with on this call." If the individual is flagged for specific medications in the state registry - this depends entirely on the State Laws presently under the 10th Amendment.

I hear your post and I thank you for it - My intent with my response is simply to add some realism to the complexity of the issue.


I would actually say - checkout the Silly Giffords Gun Group as this is a Wolf out there in this paradigm working to take away these rights.


They have 3 main things on this page, which states:

  • Requires reporting of records of individuals involuntarily committed as inpatients
  • Requires reporting records of individuals ordered to undergo involuntary outpatient treatment
  • Requires reporting records of individuals who are under guardianships because they lack the capacity to manage their own affairs
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Involuntary treatment and guardianships or on the higher end of mental health problems. I agree with what you’re saying too. I’m saying if you go talk to someone for depression or anxiety and it can help do it. It’s more important to avoid being on a list as a gun owner than being on a list for getting help. If they’re gonna start doing it on a large scale we have bigger problems. It’s like standing your ground they want to intimidate you from going to school board meetings and voicing your opinion in a similar way

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I agree completely.

This is a truth many here will ultimately have to face.

At what point do you, fundamentally, device to break with society?

Everyone I know who is seriously into freedom ends up at a point where they just stop and walk. Encroachment is like that. We can stand and fight it, and we should - humans can only do it or so long and not tire.

That's the true insidiousness of the New World Order - they understand this - which is why every 20 years they do a pretty large shift.

1980s - War on Drugs went full woooooo 2000s - War on Terror went wooooooo 2020s - BioMedical Police State Rises to wage war on yet another "Invisible enemy" and they say not even your genetics should be private.

At what point do you just say "no more"? How can you? Aldous Huxley in Brave New World wrote of "reservations" where the unvaccinated lived free lives and even had babies. Of course in the story - civilized people would never live such a way.

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I’m a hospital nurse educator and we just implemented a new violence flag in our electronic medical records. We are instructed to educate our nurses to flag any and every patient that has a single outburst of violence, even if they are experiencing hospital induced delirium. We are told this is just to bring awareness of the potential for violence for all members of the treatment team. It makes so much more sense now seeing this post.. this was implemented quickly, we didn’t have to make tipsheet a or computer based learning modules like we normally do with a new role out. We got supplied information from our corporate office and really got no say in the matter (which is not normal for our magnet facility).

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They are hoping someone uses a gun in protest of the vax mandate.

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An inevitability

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That will be the next big false flag. The one they will use to push gun confiscation.

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Which will be their downfall. Gun confiscation = civil war

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They won’t go door to door and collect guns. They will make it illegal to buy or own one. They will classify primers as explosive devices making bullets illegal to own or manufacture. Maybe they could offer a free cheeseburger if you turn in a gun?

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They did down under in Australia. I had an on line friend at the time. She said they showed up at her grandfather's farm and confiscated his .22 varmint rifle.

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This is an important insight! Well done!

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The tactic was well documented in Soviet era blocs. No one from ex-communist states want to go anywhere near a psychiatrist for this reason. It goes something like this.

Dissenter: I dissent.

Psychiatrist: The socialist state is perfect, only someone with a mental illness would dissent from it, therefore, you should be sectioned and locked up under the mental health act and your assets frozen and backside injected with vaccines for your safety.

Dissenter: I disagree.

Psychiatrist: You would do, but that's only because you're crazy, now get into the van.

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Yes, excellent description. And it's also "for your own good".


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BTW by the same token DO NOT visit a mental health professional during these times if you own guns. Sadly if you do they are going to note your "disorders" and the Fed Bois are going connect the dots and red flag you.

Instead if you are having some trouble in these terrible times, I recommend doing self-therapy. I simply cannot recommend this book highly enough, it completely changed my life. Dr. David Burns was one of the founders of cognitive behavior therapy, or in other word therapy that DOESN'T use the poison's from Big Pharma to achieve lasting healing from mental anguish.

Needless to say this type of therapy isn't popular anymore because it doesn't subscribe you to Big Pharma's health subscription where you can only achieve health by buying their pills.

Reject it all, the power to solve your mental health is in YOUR hands.

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If you have a doctor that is a raging liberal... or whom you often have a different opinion from them... then GET AWAY FROM THAT DOCTOR.

I wouldn't have ANY professional around me that I don't completely trust. Dump them to the curb and find some other good doctor instead.

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Aren't they all raging liberals?

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This is nothing new. Why do you people act like this is going to magically vaporize all our guns. If you haven't accepted the fact that we will soon no longer be law abiding citizens due to their unjust and unconstitutional laws, you haven't been paying attention.

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Good luck finding mine.

Anyway, this won't be the way [they] take our firearms. [they] can't possibly get all 400 million legally REGISTERED firearms.

Keep this in the back of your head, but don't rely on it as the end all be all of what [their] plan is. [they] simply don't have the manpower to take our weapons from us.

Besides, a lot of us, like myself, are literal walking, talking, breathing weapons, with the knowledge we posses. By the time word gets out about any possible red flag gun confiscation, it'll be too late for [them] to continue to control our rage.

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They don't have the manpower right now. However, if they can get their jackbooted UN thugs and China's army to come in, they'll have plenty. At this point, I'm wondering if it's best to pack the hell up and move into the mountains in the midwest, so the motherfuckers can't find us.

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Leftists and their tactics rarely, if ever, change.

Sluggish Schizophrenia was the most infamous of diagnoses used by Soviet psychiatrists, due to its usage against political dissidents. After being discharged from a hospital, persons diagnosed with sluggish schizophrenia were deprived of their civic rights, credibility and employability. The usage of this diagnosis has been internationally condemned.

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Avoid using the negative phrase, "I don't comply."

Noncompliance is equal to belligerence.

Nonconsent is an informed decision, however.

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God damn it... this exact situation just happened to me yesterday. Went to doctor to get bloodwork and have lead levels tested because I work in firearms industry. Pretty routine but he went hard after me for not getting the jab and I pushed back. He most definitely put something in my file and I live in a red flag state... fuck me

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The left pretend actual physical organs are not real. Nor chromosomes, immune systems, men and women in general. Tell me again who is mentally ill?

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There is a need for an anonymous counseling service for Patriots that takes cryptocurrency.

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Psalms and Proverbs should be enough.

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That's a really bad take. They are good to have but being able to talk to somebody is important.

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Talk to Yashua.

And, if you haven't already realized, the vast majority of mental health practitioners are brainwashed by the MSM and Marxist education. They're not going to help you.

If anything, they'll chalk everything up to a problem with your brain chemistry and play around with antidepressants until they find one you can tolerate and that hopefully gives them the biggest bonus.

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Most therapists can't prescribe medication except in five states, and even then they have to be specially trained with an additional graduate degree, which most won't have. Therapists do counseling. Psychiatrists are doctors and can prescribe medication, but in my experience, few of them do much in the way of therapy-style counseling.

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Are you insinuating therapists don't refer their patients to psychiatrists when they deem medication is the answer and get a referral bonus in many cases?

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Well, not really, no.

A therapist is trained to solve psychological problems using counseling, not medication. Medication is not a solution they are trained to use. They can suggest that a patient try a medication if they want, but their suggestion doesn't legally carry any more weight than your friend suggesting a medication.

A therapist needs to know what medications you're on in case they might be influencing your behavior in some way. Unless they are a prescribing psychologist (very rare), they are not going to be thinking about how to use medication to solve your problem, because that is beyond the scope of authority of the average therapist.

I have never heard of a therapist getting a bonus for referring a patient for medication, because medication would have to come from a doctor. Psychiatric medication can come from literally any doctor. A psychiatrist is not required to get psychiatric meds. A primary care doctor can do it, and in many cases, is the one who is prescribing those meds.

So a therapist can say, "You should try an SSRI," and the result would be that the patient goes to any random doctor and gets the prescription if the doctor agrees that it's appropriate. Since no specific doctor is required for these meds, I can't see how the therapist could get a payout from it.

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Except those payouts do happen. The therapists refer their clients to either a doctor or psychiatrist, and often get referral fees for it in states where it's not barred by state law.


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Yeah. It's very rare that you find a psychiatrist who does more than diagnose, medicate and perform some other typical things your GP would perform. In my experience you usually see the full gamut with smaller, independent practices. Typically I've seen the medium and larger ones tend to have in house psychologists and therapists in case the psychiatrist needs their help.

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Agreed. I always ask my Ortho to consult Matthew and Luke right before he cuts me open. Gotta make sure he’s not had his mind contaminated with any of that medical proficiency hocus pocus.

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What are you trying to tell me? That I can dodge bullets?

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Holy crap! And just like that, EVERYTHING makes sense, I no longer have one single question about anything that’s happened. This really is the only thing that matters. “Out of my cold dead hands”.

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A famous man once posited:

question: “If I have 19 guns, and the government takes 19 guns, how many guns do I have left?

answer: “10 guns. I have 10 guns left, because I lied. Fuck those commie bastards”

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again gun control laws / confiscation do not affect two types of people:

Criminals will ALWAYS have guns PATRIOTs will ALWAYS have guns

No law or other “attempt” to confiscate will make a difference. Quite simple…

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Interesting. Someone told me recently that anyone who has a medical marijuana card is also not allowed to apply for a gun permit. Makes sense with this theory.

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I have not been to a Dr in decades.

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Whenever I go to the Oncologist they always ask if I have been vaccinated. I just say no and we move on to other things. Every time I check my visit/exam notes it always says I was a very pleasant and agreeable man. No mention of me not taking the clot shot. (Kaiser Permanente)

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WOAH This makes so much sense (oh the irony!) in our non sensical world. Good advice!

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OK, so war it is.

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And with the CDC investigating "firearm violence"...

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Everything they do is meant as a way to control you or work towards more control of you. Never forget that.

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Old news really. They've been doing this for many years now. Perfect example is Hawaii. If you are prescribed any SSRIs, narcotics, or hold a medical cannabis card you forfeit your second amendment rights.

Always good to be aware of this stuff, but this post seems a bit fear-pornish.

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I’m an urgent care doc in private practice. I work for a medium sized organization and see hundreds of patients a week.

NOT TRUE, from my standpoint. I don’t care what stance you have, the fact is that it’s your stance and that’s the whole point

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I went to the Urgent care a few months ago and was asked if I wanted the VAX and naturally I said, "No." The nurse said "Ok." but I had a sneaking suspicion that my answer was going down on my permanent record and would come up at a later date.

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Don’t go to doctor. I don’t.

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In my country they ve passed a law stating refusal of being vaxed might be taken as mental illness resulting in taking into custody and being jabbed by force.. as far as i know

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It hurts your brain as well as your inner soul when you learn about the absolute disrespect for all of humanity.

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There was a Seinfeld about this.

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Self preservation is certainly a function of mental health. Taking a jab can equal death, so it is 1uite obvious that NOT taking the jab equals self-care and mental health. Period. We are not called to actual self-sacrifice except during combat.

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Why use the current medical system at all? GET OUT OF THE SYSTEM!!! They are broke beyond repair and corrupt beyond redemption. We don't need faux doctors to "make us healthy" - that is ridiculous. DAMN THEM ALL. Except the good ones who know the Plandemic is a Shamdemic.

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Bring it... My mental health will be graciously leading me to hand out lead during the attempted confiscation.

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CDC is already trying to make it that guns are a health risk and thus should be confiscated... Read it on GAW...

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Well I guess if theybare mentally unstable enough to come for me th have little to worry about after the encounter.