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Ivermectin FTW.

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So glad I stocked up enough to cover my families' needs, should they arise. Good ol' horse paste at 6.00/syringe.

KickingPugilist 3 points ago +3 / -0

Damn hard to find, I had 5 tubes but use one to dose weekly. Also have 60 6mg pills marked as shipped from an overseas pharmacy.

Once I receive I will order more.

Frontline doctors hasn't delivered and it's been a month.

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Why would she resign. If you are going to fight - fight.

KimJung-Un 2 points ago +2 / -0

I assume she's surrounded by the dumbest sacks of human filth and she couldn't take it anymore.

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She said that throughout the entire time that the pandemic has been declared, she has only admitted two patients to the ICU that tested positive for COVID. She then clarified that this did not mean they were in the ICU due to COVID, but only that they had tested positive. She stated that her emergency department was “dead” throughout all of the declared waves of COVID, and that she took pictures of the official numbers to prove that they “had nothing to do” with lack of patients.

Dr. Kilian added that since the rollout of COVID jabs, she has seen a striking uptick in patients who have been admitted with heart issues and do not fit risk categories. She stated that as more and more people have received the jab, she has seen a host of strange events in her patients. She spoke of “people coming with newly diagnosed high blood-pressure, diabetics that was controlled that are no longer controlled – their sugars are either through the roof or they’re down in the ground … The only factor … constant that changed in their life was the injection of an experimental biologic.”