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Six friends (different times) with covid so bad they felt the need to go to the hospital... I was able to reach five with the truth about the “protocol”. Three were already in the hospital at the time but fought to get off the protocol to go home... they did and survived. Two others decided against going into the hospital and survived. The last, that I didn’t know was sick, went into the hospital and died the day after he went in leaving behind 4 children and his wife. Hospitals are currently an enemy of the people. It’s our duty in this war to warn our loved ones... but don’t be like that guy on a corner holding a Jesus Saves sign. That’s all good but is hardly effective. Be ready with truthful videos and links to send the spouses or whomever, where they can at least have the information to decide for themselves. People simply don’t know. But it’s a life threatening ignorance. I really don’t care what people think of me. I don’t want my friends to die. If I have a chance to tell them, I won’t hesitate.