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We have the tools to expose it and stop it. The best tools are NOT our guns. Guns are symbolic but not the answer we need. Nor would they work. Our military has advanced so very far beyond handguns and hunting rifles.

Anyone who uses violence will play right into their hands.

Our best tools are our mouths, our logic, our commerce, our united opposition to untested and opaque medical treatments, our community insistence on law and order and education curricula, our relentless pressure on local and state politicians, and our unapologetic and vocal support of every and any act of true patriotism.

I challenge every one of you to make a difference every day expressing your clear belief in the necessary values of freedom, capitalism, true and accurate science, transparent and honest elections. This requires us to point out every instance of oppression, corruption, fraud, and misinformation whenever we see it.

I'm not saying TRY to do this every day. Actually DO IT every day. Many times a day. The opportunities are there. We need to stop avoiding speaking up.

I promise you that you will learn there are more of us than them. We need the populace to see the majority rather than let the media keep controlling a false narrative.

The sooner the better. Get started today.

God wins. We are his footsoldiers. Get busy fellow patriots. This is our country, not theirs. Time to take it back one conversation at a time.

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MarkusCincinnatus 7 points ago +9 / -2

OP went from “they have destroyed the… military” to saying “Our military has advanced so very far beyond handguns and hunting rifles.”

So which is it? Has the military been destroyed or has it been advanced?

The government has always known that in a revolution, the odds are in favor of the American patriots over the government. That’s why they’ve been so heavy handed with willy-nilly slandering of political opponents as extreme terrorists and shit. They’re terrified. The sooner a revolution happens, the stronger the patriots are. So the government has been stalling for time while trying to weaken the patriots.

The reason I’m trusting the more peaceful Q plan isn’t because I’m afraid to fight or that I don’t have faith that we would win. We would win, but it could be unnecessarily costly. If we didn’t remove the cabal’s leadership legally and politically, then they would still be around as we stormed their castles. Backed against the wall, they’d play dirty: nukes/ bio/ chemical weapons used indiscriminately on many Americans, not just against warriors like me. The cabal would spitefully try to make our victory pyrrhic, which is what the Q plan is trying to avoid.

WinsAnon [S] 5 points ago +6 / -1

You've built a strawman.

The military has been gutted as it compares to other world powers.

Yet it remains light years ahead of hunting rifles and handguns.

This isn't rocket science, why are you not grasping this?

MarkusCincinnatus 1 point ago +2 / -1

Is Afghanistan a world power?

WinsAnon [S] 5 points ago +5 / -0

Another strawman argument.

Until the American physical landscape looks like barren mountains, deserts and caves, and until the American populace looks like third-world non-digital tribesmen, you can't begin to compare our people, geography and politics to Afghanistan. Moreover, if we took up rifles and handguns against the US military controlled by the Left, with the stakes at play here, the Left would not hesitate annihilating the Right in a way we never even hinted at doing in Afghanistan.

You’re either intentionally trying to stoke violence which will only help the Left or you’re showing childlike lack of ability to see how weak your arguments are. Either way, you’re not helping.