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1st: I'm not affiliated with anyone in Loudoun County, VA. I got an email asking for donations to this worthy cause (through Gateway Pundit), and I thought I could be more help spreading the word than what little I can donate. We've all been reading about the atrocities going on in that school board, so it seemed the right thing to do to post this here, hoping maybe some pedes are able to donate. God bless all of you, here are the details in the email I got:


Fellow American,

In Loudoun County, Virginia, the school system has enacted a radical policy.

The policy (policy 8040) requires all teachers and students to deny the truth about being male and female. It allows students to change their names and pronouns at school—without parental involvement.

In addition, the policy compels students, teachers, and staff to call students by their chosen pronouns or face punishment. And the school district is clearly not afraid to dole out the punishment.

This is blatantly unconstitutional. The government cannot FORCE Americans to support ideologies with which they disagree.

This policy harms the very students it claims to protect. And teachers cannot be forced to promote untrue things, especially when those things harm students.

Now teachers are taking a stand.

Monica Gill is a history teacher at Loudoun County High School. Kim Wright is an English teacher at Smart’s Mill Middle School.

Monica and Kim aren’t willing to violate their consciences by saying untrue and harmful things to their students. And what the policy forces them to suggest through their words—that gender and sex are fluid and can be changed—does just that.

Monica and Kim join a physical education teacher who was suspended after he spoke up about the policy before it was enacted—during a public comment time of a school board meeting.

Alliance Defending Freedom filed a lawsuit against Loudoun County Public Schools on the teachers’ behalf. A district court and the Virginia Supreme Court both said that the school district was wrong to suspend the teacher and reinstated him.

But Loudoun County is unwilling to back down and has appealed to the Virginia Supreme Court.

This in addition to the fact that the policy was adopted is why we need your support today. We’re not only representing a teacher against an unfair suspension. We’re challenging the policy itself in court.

But we need your help. As a nonprofit organization, Alliance Defending Freedom relies solely on the donations of people like you. We don’t charge our clients a dime for legal services.

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A lot of them are, to be sure, but it seems these teachers are trying to fight for these kids who are stuck in the middle of all this. There's a lot of argument for sticking around and fighting for what's right instead of jumping ship. If they leave, it doesn't make the system any less corrupt.