5:5[y] 🧐 Research Wanted 🤔
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They "y" is not capitalized like [D] for Democrat so perhaps it is not a reference to a person or group. Perhaps "y" is the letter y in the alphabet, being the 25th letter. 5x5=25

5:5=5+5=10 10[y]=10[25] 10[25]=Oct 25th ?

We have more than we know but obviously we haven't figured it out.

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Cheesus 17 points ago +17 / -0

Def some big shit goin on financially on 25th so even tho it’s likely coincidental we still may see some fireworks (or more likely suicide)

I’m thinking more and more the suicide weekend event is not going to be elite deep state big names like we hope, but rather, more akin to the Great Depression when tons of wall streeters are throwing themselves out windows.

Personally, I’m fine with a big financial crash. I’m set up and prepared enough to weather that kinda storm for a little while, worst case scenario though I can cook and hunt and forage, I can go without cell phone or internet etc…. And if the result is we some balancing of the scales, then let’s fuckin do it!!!

Thoughts and prayers for a swift resolution to everything and is good folks being safe (and even some who aren’t with us … we need them to, despite how misguided their ways can be)

OkieBowhunter 7 points ago +7 / -0

Evergrande defaults on the 23rd which makes the 25th Monday and the day our markets open right after. It's coming folks! Probably see lots of red for non-stonks.

Edit: and let's not forget the early Q drops that all hover around the November 1st date that essentially say that it's obvious things are going down Ina big way. The next couple of weeks are not going to be tame, that's for sure!