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A lot of people here know what is DRS - Direct Registry System.

If you have been following the Gamestop saga, you know that brokers and hedgefunds manipulate share prices by short selling and by creating phantom shares based on shares belonging to their retail customers which is held in the broker's name.

DRS is one way to ensure the shares are held in your name and the broker / hedgefunds cannot fuck around with it to manipulate the market. r/SuperStonk is basically dedicated to DRS of GME shares at this point.

What most of you might not realise:

  1. Just like GME, the Black Hats most probably pulled the same tricks to drag the DWAC stock price down when the markets opened yesterday. Some Anons who have been following GME have said that what happened yesterday was equivalent to what happened to GME over weeks. A.k.a just like 2020 elections, they had to pull out all stops in fraud to bring Trump's DWAC down.

  2. DRS is not the only way to achieve protection against this. There is another way. Its called Deposit/Withdrawal At Custodian. Its called ..... drumrolls please .... DWAC

Is this just one more coincidence? DWAC gets hammered by the bad guys just like they did to GME and just like they have been doing to any company that does not play by their rules. But it also so happens, one of the 2 ways to stop this is by DWAC.

This is no co-incidence! Trump could have picked any suitable name for the SPAC for his Social Media, but he picked Digital World Acquisition Corp which stands for DWAC.

Trump is giving us a YUGE hint. He is saying that DWAC will destroy the Wall Street Big Money evil guys.

Buckle up folks, we are gonna DWAC the shit outta the deep state.

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It could be, but we don't have that data yet it seems. With Computershare being a transfer agent, they could add it technically. They offer many more stocks to DRS than just GME, it'll be interesting hearing back from them unless we can find a specific Agent to handle this for us.