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And if you can't get it in the US or you don't want to eat the horse paste.

alldaychemist.com is an India based company.

I just ordered a supply of 60, for $128 ($20 of that was for shipping). no script required (even though it asks for it). Yes, it's expensive but when you can get it without a script, that works for me.

My father in law has been ordering from them for a few months and has had zero issues. You know what to do pedes.

Speaking of my FIL, he gave me a stack of 10, 12mg tabs and told me how to take them. The first night I was cramped up and shit out some nasty blackish looking stuff along with what looked like some type of parasite. Nasty I know but had to share my findings.

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Can you describe the parasite? God bless you pede. May the Holy Spirit fill you up and lead you further to Jesus Christ in Jesus name amen. Your labor has been much appreciated.

NoNameJames [S] 2 points ago +2 / -0

The blackish stuff looked smallish like an egg, the parasite was whitish/brown, maybe a roundworm. I don't really know.

Jtap 4 points ago +4 / -0

Glad you got that out of you, fren. Thanks for describing.