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Alright, so for those of you not familiar with my ivermectin journey, I took ivermectin 2 weeks ago and it knocked out a very nasty flu in under 4 hours. In that time a few other health issues I was having the last couple years also cleared up and I feel actually overall healthy for the first time in a very long time. The improvements in my health have been what I would consider miraculous.

I'm pretty sure I had some sort of intestinal parasite, for the last few years I thought my digestion issues were due to poor diet choices, but it turns out I can eat or drink whatever I want, because whatever was causing my digestion issues the last 2 years has been resolved.

The severe arthritis that I've had the last few years has disappeared. When I first noticed that my thumb didn't hurt anymore I thought "no way it was the ivermectin", but I googled "ivermectin arthritis" and discovered that it is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis. And its incredible, Its been over a week since I took ivermectin and my thumb still feels great. I don't know how long its going to continue not hurting, but its been amazing this whole week without enduring that pain.

A few years ago I started getting these very strange whiteheads on my knees and inner thigh, they would travel down to the bottom of my calf but never went much further. I don't know what was causing them but they are all gone now. Every single one of them. I've had these for years and was so confused as to why only on this specific area of my legs, but they all disappeared, and this makes no sense to me.

On top of that my mind seems so clear it almost feels like I have been on auto-pilot the last few years and I have finally taken manual control. I'm generally happier than I've been in a VERY long time. Even with all the current madness and all the bullshit that's happened the last few years, I am genuinely happy with my existence.

Look, I don't know what exactly ivermectin is doing, but I do know that it has changed my fucking life and it is fucking incredible. I can not put into words just how amazing it is. I could legit cry. Its fucking amazing.

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Placebo effect is powerful too. You should try some HCQ.

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I was sick with a really nasty flu for 10 days and suddenly took a turn for the worst when I thought I was getting better when I took ivermectin. less than 4 hours later it was like someone turned off the faucet. I felt amazing 4 hours after I had to leave work because I felt so terrible.

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