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SarMega 5 points ago +5 / -0

This is fake news. Mitah spelled defectively (without a Yud) is Mem Tav Heh. The Greek prefix "Meta" is spelled Mem Tet Aleph. Read carefully from the article:

"Meta is very similar to the Hebrew word for death,” tweeted tech expert Nirit Weiss-Blatt. "The Jewish community will ridicule this name..."

Notice three things:

  • This isn't an actual Jew, this is a Reform "Jew" with a hyphenated last name billing herself as a "tech expert" (she's actually a PR person) saying things to get attention.
  • She says "Meta" is similar to "Mitah", not that it's the same word, they just sound similar... which is a stretch. In Biblical Hebrew you could say it sounds like "she died", and yet, you probably wouldn't because there's already a Biblical Aramaic word that sounds and is spelled the same (Mem Tet Aleph) that means "to reach". Not to mention, Mishnaic Hebrew up until modern Hebrew speakers have already been exposed to many "meta-" loanwords since the time of the Greek exile, it's as natural to them as it is to us.
  • She says the Jewish community "will ridicule". She doesn't say that she knows anyone who has already ridiculed it. Because they haven't, only her.