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  • On Sunday I went onto a Delta flight.
  • As I got onto the plane the flight attendant stops me and tells me that gaiter masks are not allowed.
  • She asks me if I have another mask or if they need to come by later and give me one.
  • I told her this is my only mask.
  • I sat down in my seat and jumped onto my phone and looked up delta policy. They allow gaiter masks if they are more than 1 layer or if they are folded over. So I start filing a complaint with BBB while my wife gets on to Delta airlines Customer service.
  • We tell them she is not going by Deltas own rules around masking and continue complaining.
  • At this point, the flight attendant comes over with a mask, I show her the policy and she walks away for 5 minutes.
  • At this point she comes back, apologized, and said the policy must have changed again.
  • We look up when the policy changed, and nothing about gaiter masks has changed for at least 6 months.
  • 20 minutes later, she gets on the intercom and apologizes again to everyone, stating that it's a stressful time.
  • about an hour later the plane lands and I get off the plane. As I'm getting off she says "sir" I keep walking cause I didn't wanna hear what she had to say.
  • she then shouts "sir wait" and gets off the plane and chases me down. She has obviously been crying, she says she is so sorry for attacking me on the plan and she will never do that again.
  • I respond with "Okay, Alright." I nod my head and walk away.
  • I didn't want her to cry, but just like a child crying after being punished for being bad, sometimes you just have to let them cry and walk away.
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It seems like she cried because she realized she was being a cunt, but didn't realize why or why it felt bad. I swear, the propaganda is so bad that the victims don't even realize they are being insufferable.