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I have been reporting to you on this race for a while now, and how it could create a huge red wave:






I read all about the big win, but NO information about how it happened. You are about to learn that right here. I didn't say anything earlier because I didn't want to tip off the Democrats.

How it happened was that a massive organization was put together in Virginia to both have great candidates and stop voter fraud.

And Virginia was considered a pilot program so that everyone else could imitate it, starting next year.

THIS WAS ALL DELIBERATE!! It did not just "happen."

Here are the entities that created the Red Tsunami:

The candidates themselves. They were amazing.

The local Republican parties. Local Republicans in Virginia used to be pretty much comatose. Over the last few years, that has changed, with individuals working long volunteer hours to get the local parties' acts together. They have put together databases to get volunteers at the polls, and were a major force in getting trained poll watchers at the polls, which scared the hell out of the election workers. Fear is a good thing. The local parties were also the people putting the heat on local government officials, leaving the crooks in Nadler mode when it came to voter fraud.

The Republican Party of Virginia, which was in a total coma until very recently but has come to life because of pressure from the local parties and other organizations.

Organizations such as the Republican Women's groups, Virginia Constitutional Conservatives, gun rights groups, and Family Foundation.

Also, another organization, Virginia Project, has been behind the scenes organizing the whole time, including making sure that there were 99 candidates for the 100 House of Delegates seats, and having a statewide election integrity effort. This included poll watcher training and getting deadwood off the voter rolls. The group has a pretty low-key presence with its web site, and Democrats probably didn't take it seriously. But here is the text from a recent email from the organization, and you can see what was really going on (from October 13, 2021):

Democrats are running scared

The rats have been cornered.

They have no way out.

A nightmare scenario is unfolding before them and all the means and methods they could once rely on now fail - often instantaneously.

This isn't how things were supposed to go! 

  • Remember November 2019?

Remember November 2019? The Republican Party of Virginia was all but finished as a going concern. Democrats swept statewide offices, and - surprising even them - gained full control of the legislature as well.

The Republican Party of Virginia was at an all-time low, after over a decade of dysfunction and failure. Republicans had no remaining power over Virginia's government. Democrats controlled it all.

The conventional wisdom immediately became that Virginia would turn "permanently blue" and the best Republicans could ever hope for is to accommodate themselves to that outcome. Just a fact of life, the "transition" to forever-Democrat government.

On these dimmest of days for the people in Virginia, one light emerged from the darkness: a realistic path forward, one that could end the threat posed by the Democrats and the radical agenda which we knew they would enact with their newfound power, one that could heal the RPV and give it renewed life and purpose.

That light was the Virginia Project. 

  • Making life hard for Democrats

It's just a few weeks out from Election Day, and early voting has already begun.

Where is the easy glide for Terry McAuliffe and continuance of the Democrat majority in the House of Delegates? They're locked into the wrong side of every hot issue, everything that would move a voter who can be moved.

Even with money advantage, the political environment is outright hostile.

Education is the biggest state-level issue in the campaign, public safety is not far behind, and Democrats are locked in to the wrong side of both.

In the House of Delegates, they now face 99 GOP candidates. They are having to funnel money into races that were not supposed to have a GOP candidate at all, and certainly not expected to be competitive.

Cheating is going to be harder than it has ever been - the pool of false registrations from which to draw from, cut in half; voter precinct-level data coming out of key Central Absentee Precincts; thousands of GOP observers, trained and scheduled in the deep Democrat strongholds where they could formerly act at will; lawyers at the ready to enforce election rights.

Suddenly, out of nowhere it must have seemed, the GOP is serious about election integrity and not playing Democrat games or taking excuses. Even the RNC, against all expectations, stepped up with big money for election integrity.

If things weren't bad enough, the Biden administration has been an active rolling disaster, making this election in no small part a referendum on its unraveling of the nation. Merrick Garland calling for parents to be treated as domestic terrorists sure didn't help... and that's just what went wrong for Dems in the past week. 

  • Poised for Victory

These dramatic changes in Virginia's political environment didn't happen by themselves.

These are the direct result of the work done by the Virginia Project - our relentless communications, investigations, support systems, exhortations and leadership, to patch the Republican Party in Virginia back up into fighting shape, to break down and render ineffective the means by which the Democrat Party had made its gains.

We have done it. The Republican Party of Virginia is positioned to sweep back all the statewide positions AND control of the General Assembly, something no one else even thought possible, two years ago.

It's possible now.

Now it's time to finish the job.

If you are able contribute financially - please do! We are the miracle you have been praying for - be part of our movement and lend us your strength! DONATE Join us

If you are an election skeptic, we want you! Sign up as an election worker or poll watcher.

View our election integrity education/training series here.

For those working on schools issues, view our Critical Race Theory education, the event that started a national uprising against that ideology, here.


Your job is to research exactly how the Virginia win happened, and set up the same thing in your state.

Freedom is not handed to you. You have to fight for it.

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Q said be cautious of those asking for money in the name of this movement.

I still upvoted because local involvement is indeed the way and I am not making accusations; just saying what I remember q saying.

Kudos anon.

God bless you and us all with the Holy Spirit unto liberty and righteousness in Jesus name amen.