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It's obvious why this was delayed. We even saw big business "pleading" to biden to delay it a couple of weeks ago...why you ask? It's all about taking more of our hard earned money at a much higher inflated price now.

I'm not here to tell anyone what to do this holiday, that's not my place. But please, if you are buying gifts this year, make sure it's purchased through your local mom and pop stores and that the product is American made. Big business makes a fortune every year during the shopping sprees that happens during the holiday season. This would be the ultimate Let's Go Brandon slap in the face to them.

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plus, New testing is being rolled out by the CDC December 1st.

they actually isolate covid/corona so it wont pick up the flu or bad colds

covid will drop by like 500% and they will say the vaccines and mandates worked so we dont need them anymore

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They'll say it works so they revert to this strategy again as soon as they want more power.