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I make wine and I made a viking yeast log with this verse carved into it. If I may add a more positive thought to this; rather look at it as one of the few means of production that will still be available to us during tribulation. Oil and wine is a great example. So rather I prefer to look at it as a means of trade. If you read further on the mark of the beast, we can't buy or sell, but it says nothing about trade. If famine will ruin the barley industry (beer); wine will still be available. And it appears that wheat will also be okay. If you look at that you see interestingly.... bear and wine and oil are all that's left. Bread and wine for communion, and oil for our lamps to prepare and watch for Jesus' return like the parable of the 10 virgins.

All the same, interesting take.

God bless you with the Holy Spirit, sibling. Keep up with bringing the Word here. In Jesus name amen.