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Some interesting info on the spook. No digital footprint for 3 decades.


"Upon leaving college, she traveled to Massachusetts to work as a contractor for the U.S. Army’s 10th Special Forces Group, which was then based there, working in the library and foreign language lab. There, she ran into a young officer named Michael Vickers, who would eventually become the undersecretary of Defense for intelligence, and he encouraged her to apply to the CIA, according to an agency biography. When she heard that women could work there and even go into clandestine services overseas, she applied and was accepted, according to the agency. Public records searches offer few clues about where she lived during career. The only thing they reveal is that she has lived in a number of government sites around the world and that, for a time, she worked for the “U.S. State Department.” The CIA said her first posting was in Africa, but it wouldn’t specify which county. She participated in humanitarian work during the Gulf War and has served as chief of station in the capital of a “major U.S. ally.” The agency wouldn’t say anything further about the assignment. Ms. Haspel earned the agency’s George H.W. Bush award after she pulled together a capture operation involving two terrorists with suspected connections to an embassy bombing. Which one? The agency won’t say, but at that point in her career there were only two such bombings, in Tanzania and Kenya. She then moved into counterterrorism. Her first day on the job was Sept. 11, 2001, the CIA said.

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Sounds like Elizabeth's CV in The Blacklist - where she and Red (Raymond Reddington) are hunting down the Cabal...

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Strange how these people all appear in or near power around Sept 11 2001, like Mueller as well for instance?

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Good point. Last seen in a building in Germany wasn't it?

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apparently no one in the media cares when people with high-level intelligence positions just DISAPPEAR.


woopsie daisy. anyway, back to climate change...

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Nice pepe.

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Pepe playing "explorer or investigator"..Good Pepe...extra nuggies and GBP's from Mommy later.

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