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I find it interesting that the trailer for the movie is 2 minutes 17 seconds. Great catch anon. But why Kristen Stewart in the role? Thoughts? Ideas?

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Kristan Stewart starred in "Snow White and the Huntsman." Coincidence?

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Fun fact: Naomi Watts played Diana in the last, big "fictional film" about Princess Di. She has also started in several productions of director David Lynch, most recently as the "Good Timeline" wife of FBI Agent Dale Cooper's doppelganger / tulpa "Douglas Jones" in Twin Peaks: The Return, a television series about Good VS Evil and the harvesting of human souls, pedophilia, and government corruption spearheaded by F.lowers B.y I.rene. (It gets worse...)

I do not believe it's a coincidence. Nor do I believe OP is a coincidence.


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First thought was they cast Stewart to mock us.

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Kristin Stewart has resting b**ch face. She can't act worth a hill of beans.

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Distant relative?

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Very interesting indeed, especially the connection with the royalty.

Think Snow White, as referenced at the bottom of the drop. Think Magic Mirror. We have a queen and a princess, and perhaps a literal magic mirror. Original Snow White tale is quite grusome. Cannibalism, at least the evil queen believes she's eating Snow White. She also believes the huntsman did dispatch Snow White (Dianna?). But she lives and eventually does become the queen after the evil queen has the tables turned with the poison apple attempt.

Godfather III... destruction of the international mob? Interestingly, new Sopranos prequel series coming out.

Speed. "Get ready for rush hour!" Ticking time bomb already engaged. Drops below 50mph, BOOM. Hero finds hidden surveillance cameras and manipulates the feed into tricking the villain. Villain decapitated. "Unable to stop the train, Jack accelerates it to maximum speed, causing it to derail, plow through a construction site, and burst onto Hollywood Boulevard. Unharmed, Jack and Annie make out while a crowd looks on, amazed."

Great movies.

u/Norman_F_Dixon u/v8power

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Gnarly digs man.

Off the cuff theory: could Speed relate to the suitcase bombs and last resorts the DS might have in place? Hidden in plain sight, etc?

Just spitballing. Great take on Snow White IMO.

Edit: re-reading your post, I believe you implied the following, but if you didn't here it is: Diana was the Roman goddess of The Hunt.

Curiouser and curiouser.

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It's getting kinda freaky....

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I'm wondering if Diana spilled the beans on the royal family before she died.

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Could be why she died. Only survivor was her bodyguard who "suffered head trauma so he didn't remember the incident."

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Don't feel any pity for Trevor Rees-Jones, her bodyguard. Wanna know what he's doing now?

"Trevor is now reportedly working as the global head of security for vaccine giant AstraZeneca."


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Oh, no pity whatsoever. Interesting that the only survivor couldn't remember what happened

LoneWulf 5 points ago +5 / -0

Convenient, no?

Diana, who was a stickler for wearing her seatbelt, wasn't wearing one the night of the accident. Why didn't Rees-Jones insist upon it that night? If she did have it on, then who took it off?

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You can't make this shit up. NCSWIC.

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Right! Well, that's what Q implies. And today is the 5th of November. Guy Fawkes Day. Think of the film V for Vendetta, which fits pretty well with what Q was implying about Diana.

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that is very interesting

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Mathematically, astronomically miniscule probability of occurence.

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Setting the stage for the fall of London Bridge??

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Ref all other movie talk in this thread, I am truely starting to believe the real truth of the world is in fiction

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All the world's a stage - Some DS agent.

Gandiva 5 points ago +5 / -0

And, it's the 5th of November. Guy Fawkes Day. "Remember, remember, the 5th of November!" And the film V for Vendetta. Fits pretty well with what Q was saying about Princess Diana and what she was up to with the British royal house. Plus, Kristen Stewart, the actress playing Diana, was also the starring actress of the Snow White film in 2012, which is mentioned at the end of the same Q post. And the official trailer for the Diana film is 2 minutes and 17 seconds long.



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Chronovisor ... They have a functional time-line viewer. Anyone who thinks someone with dirt is orchestrating events to match Q posts is a retard.

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Yes the Cabal was using LG until they saw all eventualities lead to the great awakening, and they stored it. The yellow cube or book of Thoth had similar predictive abilities but was limited to the perspective of the holder, and it was abused by politicians. White hats have both now.

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Who is Philip Jeffries?

What is a mentat?

What IS Philip Jeffries?

Man, this thread is off the hook. Pun intended for all you phreakers out there.

Weird shit.

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Makes you realise why they need the media to tell you their lies 24/7

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It's crazy, but this seems to be the most likely explanation for the numerous coincidences.

amarQ144 4 points ago +5 / -1

It's not crazy or psudo-science. There have always been prophets, visionaries, fortune tellers. No magic. They just learned how to use the "fast forward". It would be easier to grasp if we were talking about a vid stored on your computer. Just a matter of scale. This place is artificial and always has been. It is in fact a "created world". I have no idea if the creators were flesh and blood but I can tell you that the "AI" quantum computer they left behind to control life support and monitor this world isn't. "The missing cap-stone"... "The All seeing A-I" Where do you think it went? Who has control of it now? Who was shown the commands to interface with it? Re-read Exodus. It's not a story of "the chosen people" being set free. Today, there are more than 1 AI/quantum computers...and they are competing for limited turf...and turns out each wants to be god, and go figure...they don't like each other, and they all know when this time-line ends.

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I'd buy your book if you wrote one.

Norman_F_Dixon 7 points ago +7 / -0

Here's the book you want to read...

Last Days Of The Condor 2015 James Grady

Here's why...

3 DAYS OF THE CONDOR / Released 1975 (1st scene after opening credits)

Joseph Turner rings the doorbell of 55 East 77th Street (American Literary Historical Society) in New York City. Inside, secretary Edwina Russell has put down her pen on the tablet she was writing in. She opens her desk drawer to access the buzzer to open the door, revealing a 45 caliber semi-automatic pistol. She buzzes J. Turner in...

(00:03:30 - 00:4:11 / no youtube clip to link... watch film to confirm)

J. Turner: Turner, Joseph... no middle initial.
E. Russell: (Looks at watch) You're 17 minutes late.
J. Turner: Make it 12, would ya, I was bucking a headwind.
J. Turner: Dr. Lappe, anything in the early pouch for me?
J. Turner: Dr. Lappe?
Dr. Lappe: Yes... Nothing in response to your report. And please have the book I left on your desk analysed and on the computer by 4 o'clock.
J. Turner: Yes sir. Better get the telemais moved closer to the light Doctor, you're getting a blight.
J. Turner: At ease Sarge... at ease.
J. Turner: Gonna rain today at 10:20.

Pen, tablet, desk. watch (a string Q drops used this combination of items)
45 caliber pistol in the desk drawer (DJT)
17 minutes late (Q / day of month)
12 minutes (month, December)
4 o'clock (4)
Move plant into the light. (Dark to Light)
Rain at 10:20 ( 4, 10, 20 / D J T)

(Condensed from fuller analysis of film for DJT JFK CIA references, example - Condor worked in department 17 of research division, CIA.)

Anons: Dig on American Historical Society, start with information in this book:

Their Power and Influence / Rene A. Wormser / 1958 (reprint 2014)

Index page 400 American Historical Association 203, 366
..... Commission on Social Studies 146-152, 156, 158, 188, 216, 298

The book is based on Wormser's work on Reece committee hearings, a continuation of the Cox committee hearings / link below:


(The above link provided with a wink and a nod)

cc: u/MAGAdeburger u/v8power

AngelCole 4 points ago +5 / -1

I don't think people believe that. What people wonder is, has Q been in control this whole time with many others around the world and all of this is part of the plan to awaken the normies? Nobody thinks people are matching Q posts, Q is directing the movie that Q posts alluded to over the past 4 years.

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If you dug into the credits and production, I'd bet that you will find a paid marketing consultant who identifies niche forum groups for promotions.

Also it's uh the first weekend after Halloween, before which youre either competing w summer blockbusters or Halloween dollars spent on scary movie time. Its infinitely more likely than some guy or guys making a vague and tenuous hint years ago so that followers can know that years ago he knew this movie would open.

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Ooh, look, Fact Checkers joined GAW!

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I'm giving you an upvote. That is solid Citizen Journalism. You are asking the right questions even if its unpopular.

Maybe you could dig into it and post a thread if you find something.

Personally, I think you're probably wrong about it being a cynical, black hat production. But you could be correct. FTR, liner notes and production credits have been used for comms, forever - I won't elaborate, I'm tired and this thread has probably reached expiration.

NJHolyLand 2 points ago +2 / -0

I haven't even seen the word Gray Hat in like a year. Why can't people not care about it but know it's good for business?