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MAGAdeburger 33 points ago +34 / -1

Note that this is a Russian soldier (look closely at his medals). Street actually closely resembles an area from Stalingrad near the Univermag, at least that's what it looks like from my recollection. Wonder how dated the picture is? Not many WW2 vets left. Even if they were 18 in 1944, anyone left is in their late 90s+.

Nothing against the message. Honesty, nothing against the former Soviet soldier. Most soldiers, regardless of the country they fight for, end up being manipulated and exploited by their overlords for evil agendas. Have sympathy for all of these poor souls and their shared bravery, honor, commitment to duty and love of country. Hang the real evil puppet masters

xzars_folly 5 points ago +6 / -1

If he is a vet of the Battle of Stalingrad its impossible to overstate his achievement. He fought in a great battle that determined the course of human history. Had that battle been lost, the USSR would have fallen and the nazis would have had access to all of Russia's oil and its millions of men to draft to into service by force. Its impossible to know for sure what would have happened, but WW2 might have taken a wildly different turn. Stalingrad was the largest battle in history bar none, and one of its most important.

And in Stalingrad, largely it was reservists and freshly drafted conscripts with shit equipment joined by the rear echelons of the Red army, and Red air force, fighting the largest, best equipped, and most elite units the Nazis had, while the nazis were still fresh in the war, and running top-level high morale after winning a string of crushing victories that stunned the world.

Had even 1 bomb, or 1 artillery shell land on the famous T34 factory at Stalingrad the USSR would have been crushed in the war, left cripped and unable to manufacture their war-winning tank, and yet somehow fresh drafted farmer with 5 minutes of training crushed the best equipped, best trained, highest morale military force in the world at the time, the infamous Nazi SS.

And they NEEDED that factory. As the war progressed onwards it would build 55,000 tanks that were needed to replace battle losses to the nazis.

And I believe its fully possible to sing the praise of the common soviet solider even if Stalin was evil. Stalin didn't win the BoS, it was men like these, ordinary people who wanted to live in peace but answered the call to defend their homelands.

Nomoralcompass89 2 points ago +2 / -0

You mention this, when we also had luck on our side and were a mere minutes from a totally different outcome.

Read into exactly what happened at the battle of Midway. The Japanese Admiral misjudged what armament he should have loaded the planes with. Had the crew switch over the weapons, and had only like 3 planes with anti ship bombs. The Japanese admiral opted to not launch those three planes against our warships because in their doctrine, you never sortie less than a full squadron. This grave mistake allowed us to get the upper hand at Midway which helped us significantly through the Pacific campaign.

Also look into when the U.S. dropped dolls inland on mainland Europe causing the Nazis to divert some forces from the beaches and allowed us to actually get a foothold on mainland Europe.

There are so many unlikely things that went right for the U.S. in WW2. Sometimes i truly believe God is on our side.