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Another week, another massive number of articles, arrests, and rescues. Remember it is all about the children in the end.

I've been at this for several weeks now, and from my view this is significantly growing. The globe is cracking down on trafficking at an alarming rate. Although this is a good thing, it saddens me to know how many children have been abused. Over 70 different articles this week, which is the highest I've had so far.

Anyway, let's get to the news!

News from the 12th

  1. Tennessee, USA - 4 more men arrested in sting op from thursday, 11 and counting: https://archive.md/Pa6cH
  2. Utah, USA - 11 more caught in child sex sting op: https://archive.md/tIpP7
  3. Kansas, USA - police arrest 16 in sex trafficking sting op: https://archive.md/cqnwj
  4. Arkansas, USA - two men plead guilty to sex trafficking charges involving a 6 yr old girl: https://archive.md/Jmk0w
  5. Australia - 3 men charged, one with 43 offenses, as a child was rescued in a 5 day operation: https://archive.md/WTaGr
  6. Thailand - 8 girls rescued by destiny rescue: https://archive.md/03OJd
  7. Colombia - 9 arrested from human trafficking gang who forced women into working in strip club. minors found during raid: https://archive.md/la60K and https://archive.md/tl9Pz
  8. Canada - 6 charged, 7 victims rescued in human trafficking raid: https://archive.md/pVrI8
  9. Canada - 16 yr old girl rescued at hotel from sex trafficking group, two men charged, police investigation is ongoing: https://archive.md/WyF8Z

ICYMI - News from the week

  1. Tucson, Arizona, USA - a video on the fight against child sex trafficking is released: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXf-ctvdwns
  2. Lubbock, Texas, USA - 5 arrested in massage parlour prostitution sting: https://archive.md/3sLLp
  3. Germany - there were as many reports of child pornography in the first six months of 2021 as all of 2020. Investigating is stretching police in the nation heavily: https://archive.md/NsFp4
  4. Washington, USA - survivor group to teach hospital staff what to look out for to identify human trafficking victims: https://archive.md/gz92r
  5. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - two arrest for trafficking offenses: https://archive.md/U7LJ4
  6. Poland - a swedish man was arrested for smuggling people across from Belarus: https://archive.md/PxWlF (need to translate for english)
  7. Pueblo County, Colorado, USA - 7 men arrested in undercover operation on attempting to solicit sex from children: https://archive.md/kPMGt
  8. Thailand - thai police arrest 21 suspects and rescued 41 teenage girls. https://archive.md/Ykrjc however, it appears the utah group operation underground railroad might be less involved in this than they claimed https://archive.md/VWods
  9. London, England - met police report on the past year's efforts with their new Predatory Offenders Unit. Over 2.5k arrests averaging 50 a week, with 115 for child abuse and 378 for sex offenses: https://archive.md/s7xPP
  10. Nanakmatta, India - a mother & daughter were running a sex racket, police raided it and net 8 arrests: https://archive.md/Uxtcd
  11. Keesara, India - prostitution racket busted, woman rescued: https://archive.md/WCNdB
  12. Uttar Pradesh, India - two arrested for running illegal passport racket: https://archive.md/olrEl
  13. Uttar Pradesh, India - two more arrested, this time members of an international trafficking syndicate: https://archive.md/Dl9cW
  14. Puducherry, India - 4 arrested for the abduction of a 3 yr old, the child was rescued by police: https://archive.md/44NDG
  15. Thane, India - 4 girls rescued and a 44 yr old woman arrested for prostitution racket: https://archive.md/7T3Bp
  16. Webster County, Montana, USA - 8 men charged with child sex offenses: https://archive.md/oOUUn
  17. Bahrain - human trafficking ring forcing women into prostitution dismantled upon warrant issued by Interpol: https://archive.md/TFync
  18. Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA - man who forced runaway teens into prostitution arrested for human trafficking: https://archive.md/9CcBX
  19. Vernon, Louisiana, USA - three arrested for selling 13 yr girl for sex: https://archive.md/WuOkV
  20. Europe - 23 countries performed joint operations to clamp down on trafficking and smuggling. 31 traffickers caught: https://archive.md/PBCEX
  21. Brazil - four men arrested for child pornography possession and distribution: https://archive.md/4vBS1
  22. Nigeria - 6 people abducted from university rescued & reunited with their family: https://archive.md/GXBu3
  23. Argentina - 16 children under 10 rescued, 13 men arrested as a raid on 52 properties in Argentina was enacted: https://archive.md/xxSVI
  24. Uganda - 27 girls aged from 14 to 17 rescued from sexual exploitation by Destiny Rescue: https://archive.md/b5cy8
  25. Serbia - nearly 1k migrants detained, 7 traffickers arrested: https://archive.md/CLbZb
  26. INFO: Kentucky girl reported on last week used a handsign to indicate she was being held captive, details here: https://archive.md/5wvqC
  27. White Plains, New York, USA - leaders of the extremist Jewish cult Lev Tahor convicted of kidnapping & forced child marriage: https://archive.md/pDNH9
  28. London, United Kingdom - two men arrested for people smuggling after an Albanian was found in one's car trunk: https://archive.md/2PQTN
  29. Cleveland, Ohio, USA - Catholic priest sentenced to life in prison for sex trafficking and child porn: https://archive.md/QJew5
  30. MAXWELL CASE - judge once again refuses to let Maxwell have bail or the option of house arrest under 24 hour armed guard. Back to your cell you monster! : https://archive.md/Y4wCD
  31. Belarus/Poland - EU is accusing Belarus of state sponsored trafficking as the Polish border heats up. They are now considering BUILDING A WALL: https://archive.md/oo7XD
  32. El Salvador - human trafficking gang dedicated to trafficking people to the usa arrested: https://archive.md/B6cUh
  33. USA - a lawsuit accusing a Hindu company of human trafficking slave labour to build a temple in New Jersey has extended its reach to temples in a total of 5 states: https://archive.md/iIQy5
  34. Brazil - politician among 3 arrests associated to the sexual exploitation of transexuals and transvestites. More proof this trans movement is just another way for perverts to perv: https://youtu.be/DeMTIdLV9W0
  35. San Joaquin, Texas, USA - 200 sexual predators netted in sting op: https://archive.md/vxlkP
  36. Atlanta, Georgia, USA - 30 sex offenders arrested in multi county operation: https://archive.md/QozyH
  37. East Orange, New Jersey, USA - 🚨AMBER ALERT 🚨 15KUSD reward to find missing girl, 14 yr old Jashyah Moore: https://archive.md/zQtbe
  38. Canada - 🚨AMBER ALERT🚨 police looking for 13 yr old Jaya Boutet-Bakke: https://archive.md/c2oJB
  39. Turkey - 149 migrants detained, 1 trafficker arrested: https://archive.md/LcRxo
  40. Malaysia - human trafficking ring busted: https://archive.md/xAJsb
  41. Cote d'Ivoire / Nigeria - 88 rescued victims of human trafficking: https://archive.md/2kEAt
  42. Italy - further to last week, 70 members of 'Ndrangheta convicted: https://archive.md/MdK4Z
  43. Del Rio, Texas, USA - 10 human traffickers facing charges involving the vehicle related death of 8 migrants (as well as 3 injuries, two of citizens): https://archive.md/seWA5
  44. Rio Grande Valley, Texas, USA - multiple criminal migrants arrested: https://archive.md/d4Tjm
  45. Hidalgo, Texas, USA - multiple criminal migrants arrested: https://archive.md/rLYf0
  46. Sontipur, India - 3 arrests and 3 minors rescued: https://archive.md/NFRuz
  47. Narayanganj, India - two members of h uman trafficking ring arrested: https://archive.md/d27Qg
  48. Kerr County, Texas, USA - 20 arrested in prostitution sting: https://archive.md/tojWj
  49. Blountville, Tennessee, USA - 4 men arrested for human trafficking in investigation focused on trafficking minors: https://archive.md/HZz51
  50. Europe wide event - Europol & Eurojust dismantles two human trafficking rings: https://archive.md/1vqeQ
  51. Nigeria - an orphanage has been shut down and its own arrested for selling children. Victims and families reunited: https://archive.md/w5ZD0
  52. San Angelo, Texas, USA - two men charged after soliciting sex from undercover agent: https://archive.md/WkeSj
  53. Sacramento, California, USA - Operation Hot Spots reports results: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5RGY7CXCfI, https://archive.md/QOcKu and https://archive.md/GONvx
  54. Bell County, Texas, USA - 3 active duty Fort Hood soldiers and a former police officer, among six other suspects indicted for prostitution and sex trafficking: https://archive.md/BJYfH
  55. Louisville, Kentucky, USA - three men plead guilty to human trafficking involving minors: https://archive.md/N5E7i
  56. Canada - an investigation started in june 2020 across multiple jurisdictions has added 34 charges to two Cambridge residents, including human trafficking and child pornography: https://archive.md/rp4ti
  57. Dhaka, India - eight members of a human trafficking gang arrested for trafficking 500 to Dubai: https://archive.md/TzVL1
  58. Hyderabad, India - woman arrested for organising online prostitution, one woman and one minor rescued: https://archive.md/agvW7
  59. Elyria, Ohio, USA - 35yr old man charged with 54 felony counts, including 14 counts of rape, nine counts of human trafficking, seven each of compelling and promoting prostitution, six counts of sexual battery, and four counts of kidnapping: https://archive.md/iBN2F
  60. Leicestershire, United Kingdom 🚨 AMBER ALERT🚨 - McKenzie Taylor, 14, missing for 3 days: https://archive.md/ooNLK
  61. Galloway, New Jersey, USA 🚨 AMBER ALERT🚨- Sydney Polk, 16, missing since November 1st: https://archive.md/536rf (https://wpgtalkradio.com/galloway-police-ask-for-help-finding-missing-16-year-old-girl/ for clear photo)
  62. Montgomery County, Maryland, USA 🚨 AMBER ALERT🚨- Brooke Weaver, 17, missing since November 4th: https://archive.md/WvT4h

If you see something, say something

US contact details

NCMEC Urgent victim help 24-Hour Hotline: 1-800-843-5678
NCMEC Cybertiplines: https://report.cybertip.org/ or https://www.missingkids.org/gethelpnow/cybertipline or call 1-800-THE-LOST National Human Trafficking Hotline: 888-373-7888 or humantraffickinghotline.org HSI/ICE toll-free hotline: 1-866-DHS-2ICE | Anonymous toll-free ICE Tip Line: (866) 347-2423 Tip Form: https://www.ice.gov/webform/ice-tip-form#wcm-survey-target-id

United Kingdom contact details

Urgent: 101 or Contact the Modern Slavery Helpline confidentially: 08000 121700 (24/7) https://www.modernslaveryhelpline.org/helplines Children support: 0800 1111 | Adults concerned about a child: 0808 800 5000 | https://www.nspcc.org.uk/ Report CSAM: https://report.iwf.org.uk/en/ | https://www.met.police.uk/ro/report/ocr/af/how-to-report-a-crime/ Scotland Police: https://www.scotland.police.uk/contact-us/

Interpol, Europol, & EU contact details

Contact Interpol: https://www.interpol.int/Contacts/Contact-INTERPOL https://www.interpol.int/What-you-can-do/If-you-need-help Europol tipline Tel.: +31 70 302 5000 | https://www.europol.europa.eu/report-a-crime EU Hotlines: https://ec.europa.eu/anti-trafficking/citizens-corner-national-hotlines/national-hotlines_en

South Africa contact details

South African National Human Trafficking Hotline: 0800222777 | https://0800222777.org.za/

Global contact details

Global: Human Trafficking Hotline Numbers: https://www.abolishion.org/human_trafficking_hotline_numbers Global: List of Emergency Telephone numbers: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_emergency_telephone_numbers

And as always, Remember - NCSWIC. NOTHING!

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