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Everyone has a misconception of Japan being totally based and such too, but as someone living in Japan, I can attest that they are not. People driving alone in cars wearing masks is quite normal here. I never wear a mask outside of work and I do see some people not wearing them too, but for the most part, everyone things that the clot shots have like MDEF+5 and HP regenerative properties.

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Hey it's you again. Yep, the masks are just so stupid here. I did have a slightly promising interaction the other day though: I was talking to an acquaintance (Japanese, wearing mask outside) and I asked her if she'd been jabbed. She said NO WAY because "no long term safety data". Her husband, however, got it "because he still commutes to work and takes the train etc.". I asked her why she bothers wearing a mask outside and she said "well part of it is that other people will give me the stink-eye".

That's not the first time I've heard that. The peer pressure is real.

A while back I asked another person "what would have to happen for you to stop wearing your mask outside?" and they just said "I don't know, I guess if the government tells us we don't need to anymore..."

They looked shocked when I said they probably never will...

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Very good point about the masks being permanent as long as people continue obeying. The Japanese news media makes no mention at all of the anti-mask and anti-lockdown and anti-vax passports across the world. As far as teachers go, they all seem to be pinheads wanting to "do what is right."

Do you know that there is a channel on Rumble that translates a lot of Stew Peters videos and other information on vaccines? It's called MatatabiCompass. Unfortunately, the channel also translates videos of Simon Parkes BSing about crap, as well as those fake news about Hillary Clinton being executed by firing squad and fed to sharks for the fourth time or whatever. It's hard to recommend the channel as a whole to Japanese people because of that stupidity, but individual videos are good.