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This is not just a fun slur. It’s clear from their deeds they have little idea of what they are actually doing.

The heads of the elite families are not what they used to be. They’re either too old to be cognitive for long periods, or they’ve been replaced by family successors, or they’ve strayed from the plan, or whatever. Generations of them.

Look at it in the context of the rise and fall of a significant family business. An ingenious, brilliant young man starts a humble business and over the course of his lifetime builds it into a multi-billion-dollar empire. He gets too old to run things, and hands it over to his son, who was trained and groomed for this by him.

The son does a great job, especially with counselling from his father/founder. Maybe not quite so great, but good enough. The father/founder eventually dies, and the son forges ahead without that brilliance to guide him and makes a few more mistakes along the way.

All the while, he’s been raising his own son, grandson to the founder, in the same way. But not as well as the founder had raised him. When the grandson takes over, the faults are a little more obvious.

Several generations later following the same pattern, the business collapses due to carelessness, poor management, grift, and the usual ailments. No family member knows what they are doing anymore and it shows.

This is the Deep State today. A bunch of semi-inbred morons trying desperately to hold a plan together that was originally composed by some brilliant, albeit evil, people, but which they are too dull-witted to execute outside of a pre-written script.

  • This is why the House of Saud fell.
  • This is why we even know who the Payseur family is.
  • This is why a drunk Lynn Rothchild had her famous exchange on 4chan.
  • This is why they're getting sick from fake adrenochrome.
  • This is why the Rothchild family had to sell off a ton of their assets.
  • This is why Hillary lost.
  • This is why Biden is a puppet POTUS.
  • This is why Q is so confident when he says these people are stupid.
  • And on and on.

Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming, frens. Nothing!

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