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**** Didn’t OSHA & judge block this mandate? I’m not good with legal terms.

Can an employer ask this information? Given OSHA suspended the Government Mandate.

North Carolina for reference.

Email from employer: In order to comply with COVID-19 Executive Orders from the federal government, we are required to collect proof of vaccination from all employees.  This information will be collected by HR and stored in a secure and confidential database. 

Submitting proof of vaccination is easy. The following are government-approved forms of proof of vaccination:

A copy of your CDC COVID-19 vaccination record card

A record of immunization from a health care provider or pharmacy

A copy of medical records documenting the vaccination

A copy of immunization records from a public health

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the mandate is only a press release, not executive order or legislative act

the OSHA mandate is temporarily suspended

All available vaccines are “authorized” under Emergency Use, experimental. FDA only granted marketing of Comirnaty—a different product.

Even so, no “mandate” overrides the EUA statute of Informed Consent — which requires:

• detailed disclosure of all known and potential risks, liabilities, medical alternatives, product ingredients

• signed agreement that you understand above and agree or decline to take the product voluntarily without threat, coercion, or intimidation

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Thank that’s what I was looking for. I’ve got several sites saved I haven’t had the chance to read.